Tuscany Activities

  • Driving The Valleys

    Distance from Hotel: 0/+ minutes

    Driving The Valleys

    If you love driving and beautiful views – you’re going to love driving in Tuscany. Almost any where you intend to visit in this area will take you through splendid […]

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  • Independent Wine Tasting

    Distance from Hotel: 10/+ minutes

    Independent Wine Tasting

    Whether you know something – or nothing about wine, you can’t come to Tuscany and not do a vineyard wine tasting.  If you’ve never visited a winery before, Tuscany is […]

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  • Guided Wine Tasting

    Distance from Hotel: 10-60 minutes approx

    Guided Wine Tasting

    From this location it’s easy access to taste in Chianti, Nobile di Montepulciano & Brunello di Montalcino wineries.  In 2018 we will be offering personally guided wine tasting and cellar […]

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  • Make Pasta With a Tuscan Chef

    Distance from Hotel: 10 minutes

    Make Pasta With a Tuscan Chef

    Monday mornings only, head out to La Leopoldina to make pasta in a real restaurant kitchen with local celebrity chef Walter Redaelli. A session of Pasta Making makes it high […]

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  • Pasta Making in Our Kitchen

    Distance from Hotel: 0 km

    Pasta Making in Our Kitchen

    Pasta Making with Walter is a Mondays only activity – but don’t despair ! we can invite the Pasta Master (a lovely lady with 50 years of experience) to come […]

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  • Summer Truffle Hunting

    Distance from Hotel: 0-10 minutes

    Summer Truffle Hunting

    A little less valuable than the prestigious white truffle – but easier to find – the black or summer truffle hunt can happen right here at the house.  An experience […]

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  • White Truffle Hunting

    Distance from Hotel: 20 minutes

    White Truffle Hunting

    A true treasure hunt, the precious and elusive white truffle is very choosy about where it grows, but fortunately there’s a great spot a few minutes away.  A morning activity, […]

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  • Ballooning

    Distance from Hotel: 15 minutes


    A few minute’s drive from the house, in the pretty village of Montisi in the Orcia Chiana Ridge, find Ballooning In Tuscany.  For the most romantic trip, flying over one […]

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