In House Activities for Villa Guests

  • Make Pasta with ‘The Pici Master’

    Distance from Hotel: 0 km

    Make Pasta with ‘The Pici Master’

    The ‘Pici Master’ is a lovely local lady with 50 years of experience in pasta making – who has made the local speciality Pici pasta for the better restaurants in […]

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  • Full Tuscany Cooking Class

    Distance from Hotel: 0-3 km

    Full Tuscany Cooking Class

    If you would like to learn a full Tuscan meal – starter, pasta and meat course or dessert – with a local expert and superb cook Rosa consider her cooking class ‘La […]

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  • Driven & Guided Wine Tours

    Distance from Hotel: 10-60 minutes approx

    Driven & Guided Wine Tours

    Go wine tasting with Malvin or Amanda either just the two of you or maybe with another couple. From this location it’s easy access to taste in Orcia, Nobile di […]

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  • Black Truffle Hunting

    Distance from Hotel: 0-10 minutes

    Black Truffle Hunting

    A little less valuable than the prestigious white truffle – but easier to find – and with a much longer season, the black or Summer truffle hunt can happen right […]

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  • White Truffle Hunting

    Distance from Hotel: 20 minutes

    White Truffle Hunting

    A true treasure hunt, you will drive a few km to a secret location where our hunter has a permit to search and the precious and elusive white truffle can […]

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  • Driving the Valleys

    Distance from Hotel: 0/+ minutes

    Driving the Valleys

    This is a very beautiful area and year round we love to hop in the car and drive the valleys – it’s something we never get tired of.  The beauty […]

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