White Truffle Hunting


Truffle Hunting, particularly for the most highly prized White Truffles, is a true treasure hunt… disappointment and false alarms are par for the course…However there are a places in Tuscany where White Truffles ‘officially’ grow – and those places are protected and licensed.  The season for finding White Truffles is quite brief and thus this is not something that is possible year round.  Whilst you can experience truffle hunting magic right outside the house (and take home truffles) any time of year, there are only a few weeks each year when it’s possible to find White Truffles… there’s no guarantee, of course, and that is part of the magic.  However, our truffle hunting expert will take you (you will follow him) to a special place a few minutes away from here, a place licensed for the search – where only he is allowed to search – and where White Truffles can be found !  This is an experience offered exclusively to guests in residence at Siena House, contact us to know more.