Food & Wine

For Wine Lovers…

Our personal favourite Tuscan wines

From an easy-drinking I.G.T. (6.75 Eur) to the magnificent ‘Bonsai’ by Podere Le Ripi (220 Eur)

We hold a small stock of excellent local wines for our guests

The majority of which are available to enjoy at the direct-in-vineyard price

Private Chef Menu

For our Vegan, Vegetarian, Wheat Free, Celiac, Paleo, Weston A Price, Ayurvedic, Exclusion, Detox, Wellness Diet and just-plain-choosy guests

Amanda is on hand to create something bespoke, fabulous

and absolutely NOT available anywhere else in Tuscany.

For 2 min, 4 max persons, served in a very informal style

Pasta for 2 with freshly made sauce 29 euro

from 39 Euro per person for soups, risottos, or 100% vegetable dishes.

from 49 Euro per person to include organic, grass fed Poultry & Rabbit

from 69 Euro per person to include organic grass fed local Chianina Beef

Advance notice (24+ hours) is almost always required.

Aperitivo / Supper

A Tuscan ‘Sundowner’ menu – served from 17.30-20.30

Available every day – no advance notice required.

Intended for 2 people sharing as an appetiser

(but 2 plates between 2 people makes a super supper for 2)


Tuscan ‘Pecorino’ Sheeps’ Cheese served with homemade chutneys & membrillo 

Purist: Finest examples of fresh, medium and mature pecorino + honey or pear Eur 25.00

Expressionist: Spicy, Stashed, Truffled, Ash’d, flavoured pecorino + Chutneys Eur 29.00

Pastoralist: full pecorino tasting experience Eur 35.00


Tuscan ‘Salumi’ 

Cured meats gently sliced on a our fabulous 1930’s Berkel mechanical meat slicer

Traditionalist: Typical Tuscan (Pork) Prosciutto & Salami Eur 18.50

Idealist: Cured Game Prosciutto & Salami  Eur 29.00

Naturalist: Full Salumi tasting experience  Eur 34.50


Vegetables – some advance notice required

Herbalist: Finely sliced chargrilled vegetables + olive oil & garden herbs Eur 19.50

Botanist: Exquisite home grown produce raw + garden herbs + olive oil Eur 19.50


Affettati Misti

Alchemist: A little bit of everything combined in an extraordinary plate Eur 49.00



Poolside or to your room, hand cut prosciutto & pecorino cheese sandwiches for 2 14.50 Eur

Special Occasions

Order a great wine with salty or sweet accompaniment waiting for you in your room

Brut rose Champagne method sparkling wine on ice & nibbles 29.00 Eur

Vintage Sparking ‘Millesimato’ on ice & nibbles 35.00 Eur

Love & Magic Rosso di Montalcino with Chocolate Brownies 49.50 Eur

Birthday Cake with candles & balloons 25-40 Eur

Self Service & Anytime

Mineral water 1.5 l still or sparkling 01.00 Eur

Italian Style Espresso Coffee 00.50

Local Tuscan I.G.T wine, bottle 06.75 Eur

Coffee Bar

100% Arabica Coffee made on full sized bar machine served from 15.00-21.00

Single Espresso 01.00 Eur

Cappuccino, Caffe latte 01.50 Eur

Double Espresso 02.00 Eur

Gillards of Bath Speciality Teas 01.50 Eur / pot

Coffee & Tea during breakfast is not charged

Soft Drinks

Homemade Fresh Lemon Lemonade Jug 07.50 Eur

Just pressed juice 03.00 Eur

Additional Services

Tea-making set up with kettle in your room: Eur 4.50

Wash and line dry 24 hour laundry service 25.00 Eur / basket

Transfers: Airport, train or other – by Range Rover – Euro 50 per hour*

Local station pickup from Sinalunga: Free of charge*


*May be subject to availability or a little advance notice, talk to us.