Supermarket & Take Out

At 8 minutes from the house or en route for guests arriving from Rome or Florence Tuscan food store the Consorzio Agrario Tuscan Grocery a joyful place to shop.  Find a fabulous array of ready-to-eat food sold by weight; much more than just cheeses and cured meats.  The fruit and vegetables are always the best quality available and the wine selection is also super.  At this store you can also eat the same produce that you can buy at the deli counter, in.  Good food, relaxed atmosphere, right price. Open until 8pm, Closed on Sundays.

You don’t have to go to a ‘food shop’, either. Imagine: you’re out strolling some gorgeous hill town. Take the tiny hill town of Pienza, for example.  The local speciality of ‘Pecorino di Pienza’ sheep’s cheese is offered on sale up and down the tiny main street, in side streets too. You can taste it in the restaurants, you can bring some home.  We would suggest that buying a small selection of Pecorino (such as fresh, semi mature and mature) is the thing to do if visiting Pienza.  So you have your cheese – and probably accompaniments of bread, honey, fruit…add a beautiful setting (the garden, terrace or your room) and a great bottle of wine for an uber-laid back supper at home.

Also to consider is ready-to-eat take out. This is a good option if you want to ‘pick up’ a meal en route home from a long day out exploring try the Coop Supermarket at the I Gelsi Commercial Centre about 5 minutes from the house for a good selection of ready to eat Italian food along with typical deli choices, this is the latest opening supermarket open until 8.30 pm and on Sundays in the Summer.

Pizza, the Italian fast food is also readily available.  We particularly like The Scusate O’ Ritard Pizzeria which is about 5 minutes from the house, with easy parking opposite and a huge menu (in Italian) great pizza, good price, nice people. You can also eat in but as with the best pizzerias, it’s not a glamorous location. Closed on Monday.