Where: Map & Directions

We are on Google Maps (Search for Siena House Tuscany).  We are closer to Montepulciano than to downtown Siena (30+ mins away) If you are not able to use Google Maps or our GPS coordinates (the address will not work on all GPS devices) you are going to need our written information to find us.  This is not because we are so remote – you’re not going to need a 4×4 to reach us – but because we are just off the maps in the GPS sense; so you’ll need the written stuff to make that last 500 metres.

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We are pretty unknown locally and so local people may not be able to help you find us.
We are on the same road as a very long established business – ‘Casa al Bosco’ AGRITURISMO, on the road between SINALUNGA and TORRITA DI SIENA, however Casa Al Bosco (the house in the woods) is a common name around these parts…
Never hesitate to contact us if you are unsure or lost, we will always help !

STANDARD DIRECTIONS FROM OUR NEAREST MOTORWAY EXIT ON THE A1 ‘Valdichiana – Bettolle’, 10 minutes away, good from Florence & Rome.

Some GPS devices will use Lat/Lon in digital format and others in the old fashioned Analogue in hours, minutes and seconds.
Decimal Format: Latitude 43.188407, Longitude 11.751573
Analogue Format: Latitude 43 11′ 19.68″ Longitude 11 45′ 2.52″
These coordinates will take you to our (green-grey) gates.
If you feel at all uncertain about the input of coordinates into your Sat Nav then enter SINALUNGA as the town and STAZIONE (railway
Station). The railway station is about 5 mins from us. From there try with the coordinates – or just call, one of us will come and meet you.

From main North-South motorway (the A1 Autostrada) take the exit at the Val di Chiana / Bettolle.
Directly at the exit is a roundabout.
Take the third exit on the roundabout towards Torrita di Siena.
After 800M turn right towards Guazzino. Stay on this road for 3.9KM until you reach another roundabout.
At the roundabout take the second exit towards Torrita (passing the ICM petrol station on your left).
After 300M turn right and continue on this road for 3.1KM until reaching a T junction.
At the T junction turn right.
After 500M turn left, passing underneath a small railway bridge (there should be a sign in yellow text on green for “Casal Bosco” but depending upon how tall the grass is it’s not always visible).
When you pass under the railway bridge we are the first house on that road.
You will see the first set of gates ahead, but carry on around the property to the second entrance.
Continue along the wall as it curves to the left and up a small steep slope at the top then turning left. You will see a second set of grey gates. Ring the intercom or call our mobile (we may be in the garden).

If you overshoot the house and continue up the road it’s not a problem, as it’s a dead end.  There is a good place to turn at a large tractor shed just before the forest, just beyond ‘Casal Bosco’.  The house is very recognisable from the ‘other side’ as we have images on the website taken from this aspect, so you’ll identify it well enough on the way back.


From Siena City you are going to be heading in the direction AREZZO / PERUGIA as well as towards ROME ( but NOT Firenze, not Grossetto, not Siena). Therefore upon exit of the city you will be following ‘TUTTI DIREZIONI’ blue signs or briefly green A1 ROMA-FIRENZE (until you can choose ROME) or signs for AREZZO / PERUGIA directions. Siena is circled by a ring road, with many exits on and off from different parts of Siena, I don’t know where you will be staying, which exit you will be close to… However if you head for Arezzo / Perugia direction you will be brought to the ‘SIENA – BETTOLLE’ dual carriageway which brings you here.  We use this dual carriageway to travel to and from Siena.  Once on the dual carriage way AREZZO is an exit just before the two SINALUNGA exits.  You could exit at either to find us but it’s probably easier to exit at the second SINALUNGA EXIT.  You will exit onto a roundabout by a Lidl supermarket where you take the second exit marked Torrita di Siena & Montepulciano.  Stay on this road (approx 5km) passing through farm land until you reach a ‘T’ junction, turn right and then almost immediately (300m) second left, passing under a small bridge. We are the first property on the road but you should not stop at the first gate, instead carry on around the property to the main entrance on the other side.  If you overshoot the Sinalunga exits you are going to exit at Bettolle where the A1 Rome connection is, that’s not a problem, it’s not far away (8mins) that’s where our standard directions (above) pick up from.  This is the very direct / less interesting route.


If you are in Montepulciano, you will find Torrita fairly well signposted.  Also the hospital OSPEDALE di Nottola, which is our nearest hospital.  During your stay in Montepulciano you might have become familiar with the roundabout at the ‘bottom’ of town, where there is also a small park and some parking, and a carpark off to one side.  This is ‘our end’ of town, the side closer to us.  The road that runs between this roundabout and the hospital has and exit (the first major left turn) on the outskirts of town, just beyond the petrol station to TORRITA DI SIENA and Sinalunga.  Were you to ignore this left you would carry on toward the hospital where you would find signposting to Torrita di Siena all the same, but via a much longer and less pretty route.  We recommend the shorter, more scenic route! Once you have turned left toward Torrita you need to be careful because the views are amazing but the road is curvy too – stay focussed.  Stay on this road for several KM – you are going to be looking for another left turn again towards Torrita di Siena, but the road signs will also tell you that you can get to us by heading straight on too.  So be bold and take the left, there’s a signpost there (YELLOW NOT BLUE) for Montefollonico, this will be the second signpost for Montefollonico as you would have already ignored the blue one closer to the start of the journey.  Landmarks to help you not miss the turn… keep your eye on the Olive trees on your left but also look for a large grassy zone at road side with a few Hay bales, this is right opposite the turning.  The turning also heads through a zone called CILIANO which is really pretty countryside and worth seeing.  If you miss the left you are going to end up at a roundabout and I would recommend retracing your route and looking out for the turning. Once you take the turning down the shady hill into Cilano, stay on the road all the way to the rather steep T junction, and turn right. You will reach a fork in the road and you will need to keep left but not turn left; take the central lane running past a newsagent.  It’s a short piece of road joining onto the road that will bring you to us.  Go straight or perhaps technically ‘left’ passing a HURRAH supermarket and a bed shop.  Stay on this road and look out for a level crossing (less than 1km from Hurrah) just beyond a Q8 petrol station and level with a restaurant called BRIGANTE GENTILUOMO. Once you cross the railway track you are very close so pay close attention! From Brigante Gentiluomo we are about 1.5km, the third left turning. The first left is signposted PETRIOLO, the second has no signpost but a tiny brick building at it’s mouth (it’s a little track) and the third, ours, is just a gravel road passing under an arched railway bridge.  As a landmark it’s roughly opposite an ‘ice-hazard’ road sign, a snowflake in a red ring. We are the first house on this road but don’t stop at the first gate, instead carry on round the property sticking to the wall until you come to the second gate.
BEWARE: there are 2 speed cameras on this road (between Hurrah supermarket and the house) the first is set at 50 km and the second at 60km.