Low Season 2018 – 2019

From late Autumn to early Summer

Villa Suites from 395 – 1295 Eur

B&B Rooms from 295 – 395 Eur

High Season 2019

Villa Suites from 495 – 1595 Eur

B&B Rooms from 325 – 425 Eur

Minimum stays vary according to time of year and advance

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Summer 2019

Siena House functions both as a Tuscan Villa Rental and a Bed and Breakfast.

Villa Reservations tend to come in early – whilst B&B stays book much later, as a rule.

Availability for Villa Rental type bookings (The Tuscany Suite) is released to online booking early

Whilst B&B tends to be released to booking later and for high Summer might not be available to online booking until 2-3 months from arrival

The Tuscany Suite is the whole first floor of the house