A Truly Boutique Hotel

The dream home restoration project of a Wall Street Trader and an Artist, Siena House is a very different place to stay in Tuscany. We did not make the house to be a hotel, but a house, for really living, rain or shine.  Well located, the choice of this strategic location is the end result of a 10 year search in the whole region. Space & light were the priority, as we are British and are here year round – but also authenticity; preserving all of the real Tuscan details we had inside and maintaining the outside as it was to leave the property with the feel that it had not been touched. So following 5 years of planning & restoration work and a huge, no compromise spend, we made our 5 suites – within 7,000 square feet of interior space. With few guests we have time for each to give all of our experience of Tuscany but also all of our care, if you want it. Rare for an accommodation, these huge spaces within – and without, giving relax and privacy. Rare for a luxury accommodation, there is a second kitchen, just for guests who might desire to cook for themselves. Rare for a Tuscan country house the whole property is fully enclosed and secure with walled perimeter and gated entry – and good approach road; which – if you run a vintage sports car as we do – makes for better fun & relax.

  • A house with a story

    A house with a story

    A boathouse in the middle ages. A cowshed in the 1800’s, and the ruin of a gold dealer in the 90’s this is a house with history. Uninhabited for more […]

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  • The pool & gardens

    The pool & gardens

    We have a large saltwater pool on the property, secluded from the house in a sheltered, scenic spot. The walled garden is large, offering endless soft lawns and a views […]

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  • Interior design

    Interior design

    Internally the house feels subtly modern with it’s white decor applied to walls, ceilings and white stone floors, and especially with the open stairs and internal glass gallery within the […]

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  • Farm to table breakfast

    Farm to table breakfast

    Featuring home baked bread and home made preserves, local and home grown produce our breakfast varies a little day to day and with the seasons.  Served from 9 am at […]

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  • Feel at home: second kitchen

    Feel at home: second kitchen

    We feel that the last barrier to that real home away from home feeling is having use of a well equipped kitchen.  A mini bar is just not the same. […]

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  • Agriturismo: Our farm produce

    Agriturismo: Our farm produce

    We produce olive oil and saffron here at siena house, but that’s not all that we grow.  We also grow a host of glorious herbs, salads, vegetables and a little […]

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  • Reliable WiFi & Technology

    Reliable WiFi & Technology

    Even in the largest city hotels the WiFi and supporting technologies are usually disappointing. We are very conscious that both adults and small people need good, reliable & fast Internet. […]

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  • Insider Tips & Experiences

    Insider Tips & Experiences

    Having lived in this area since 2004 we know the difference between a touristy and an authentic experience or visit.  We all want to avoid being treated ‘like a tourist’ […]

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  • Bedrooms Gallery

    Bedrooms Gallery

    Our 5 accommodations are large and full of character and comfort with ever changing paintings and drawings and lively designer pieces.

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  • Contemporary Art

    Contemporary Art


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