Pool & Garden

We have a large saltwater pool on the property, secluded from the house in a sheltered, scenic spot. The walled garden is large, offering endless soft lawns and a views for guests.

image showing a large pool with white travertine marble edge red shade in the foreground and bright green cropped grass surrounding it rosemary bushes in the sloped area on the sheltered left side and at right of the pool a view of rolling hills and two white loungers in the shade of a tree

Image showing a summer garden scene at a tuscan country house two lounge chairs close to a wall in siena red red bricks and stone bright green grass lit by the setting sun and a hilltown visible from the garden in the background with cypresses and olive trees

image of a large hammock on emerald green grass with with hillside views behind it in the left corner are acacia trees and at front right a flower bed with baby romaine lettuce the image is backlit by the setting sun

Image of two deck chairs on the SW lawn at SIena House B&B in Tuscany it's a spot that we refer to as 'the beach'

Being outside is very much about the view.

All Summer long guests return home in time for sunset, when the best place to be is in the garden. For new arrivals to the house golden light of late afternoon – the final hour before the sun is gone – is unmissable.  Try to get here in time to enjoy it.  The pool is open from May 1.

Image showing immaculate green lawns and white tables outside a boutique hotel the sun is setting and the sunset light is colouring the sky with pink tones

What time is the sunset?