Boutique Hotel

  • The Breakfast

    When you stay at Siena House you will experience breakfast like never before. Set yourself up for a day’s hill town climbing – or a day at poolside – with […]

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  • WiFi and Technology

    WiFi and Technology

    Even in the largest city hotels the WiFi and supporting technologies are usually disappointing. We are very conscious that both adults and small people need good, reliable & fast Internet. […]

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  • Concierge

    We provide highest level concierge services. Members get help & advice from the moment of booking. We are native English speakers with 13 years of local knowledge to draw upon. […]

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  • Membership


    Add free membership at the time of booking to get access to all of ‘our on the house for members’ amenities including free bar and laundry service. ¬†Use the promo […]

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  • Bedrooms Gallery

    Truly boutique accommodations, bedrooms are beautiful environments – each a curated collection of modern art, design and one off pieces. Bathrooms are bespoke, sculpted in natural stone and wood that’s […]

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