The Breakfast

When you stay at Siena House you will experience breakfast like never before. Set yourself up for a day’s hill town climbing – or a day at poolside – with an exquisite breakfast! and Every year returning guests tell us ‘I feel like I have not had a good breakfast since the last time I was here!’

breakfast with a viewboutique_hotel_tuscany_sienahouse_the_food (5)

Malvin’s breakfast is becoming legendary, and rightly so, it’s quite something.  Every day he’s up at dawn baking. The menu varies from day to day. Always made from scratch (breads, tarts, yogurts, butter and jams)- or small production local (honeys, cheeses, prosciutto, salami for example) grown right here (fruit and salads from the garden) Whole food only.  Nothing processed.

image of the making of a Tuscan crostata or jam tart showing hands assembling the lattice in pastry on the top of the tart in the form of a crossimage of a glass ramekin with tomato and basil salad showing a slice of cucumber at the left and salami out of focus in the back ground

image of fruit cup with out of focus grey room in the back ground in the foreground individual portions of home made jams and home made cread rolls Image of uncooked Pizza in the making - hands shown arranging slices of red onion sprigs of rosemary and finely sliced potatoes on top of dough

Teas are imported from England (Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Assam, English Breakfast, Lapsang…) Italians aren’t so into their teas as we Brits and so we’re going for our favourite supplier from home.

Coffee is 100% Arabica, roasted by hand at L’OSCURO in Sinalunga, a few km away.  Mexico, Honduras, San Domingo… whatever’s good on the day. Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano – however you like it – made on a full sized bar machine.

As fresh as possible if not home made or home grown; as local as possible – and always as good as possible !

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