Gardens & Pool

We have a large saltwater pool on the property, secluded from the house in a sheltered, scenic spot. The walled garden is large, offering endless soft lawns and a views for guests.

The 360 degree panorama is varied including parts of a hunting reserve, vineyards, country houses and several hill towns.

A hilly area we refer to as the ‘Orcia – Chiana Ridge’ forms the views on one side of the house, whilst on the other side we overlook a wide valley – the Val di Chiana and it’s farms and towns – Lucignano, Bettolle, Sinalunga and Cortona.

Spring views on the ridge side of the house.

Late Summer views on the Val di Chiana side of the house.

All Summer long guests return home in time for sunset, when the best place to be is in the garden. For new arrivals to the house golden light of late afternoon – the final hour before the sun is gone – is unmissable.  Try to get here in time to enjoy it.