Technology (Wifi etc)

Even in the largest city hotels the WiFi and supporting technologies are usually disappointing. We are very conscious that both adults and small people need good, reliable & fast Internet. At the House, we have a 20Mbps microwave connection via a small antennae on our roof. We have had this installed for over a year and it has consistently delivered at or over 20Mbps (unlike the infamous “up t0 20 Mbps”).

The House is has WiFi throughout and also a hard wire LAN in each room. The wired LAN is connected to a mini – PC which serves a TV screen in each bedroom. There is a mini – wireless keyboard for each TV and a Blue Ray DVD player.

You will be able to access any local TV in the world that broadcasts unrestrictedly over the internet for domestic viewers.

Additional Stuff:

We also offer Satellite TV with a wide range of free to air European and some American channels.

We also have a large library of DVD’s that you are welcome to borrow.

Finally, If you subscribe to Netflix or other paid channels, you can use your subscription on our system.