‘Florence’ Garden Double

For 2 adults only, a breezy, independent, sunset aspect double ensuite on the ground floor of the house with Arches! Arches! Arches! Once the nursery where the Chianina (White Tuscan Oxon) were born back in the house’s heyday, the room is two steps up from the South West tip of the garden. Somewhat ‘away’ from the activity of the main house this room feels cosy and private.  With a quintessential Tuscan panorama (Olive grove, rolling hills, hill town and Cypress trees) the room has a Queen size double bed, atmospheric lighting, built in wardrobe, sofa, armchair, lounge table, 42 inch flat screen TV, wired LAN & WiFi, Netflix, underfloor heating and independently controlled A/C, ‘French’ window doors off both bedroom & bathroom with both hardwood external ‘Persian’ blinds and split internal blackout blinds. Mosquito screens on all openings. Our most beautiful bathroom with stone vessel sink perched on an Oak washstand against a historic bare brick wall. Vaulted and beamed ceilings, WC & Bidet, large open walk in shower with a view. White stone walls, whitewashed ceilings, lime powder painted walls and modern art.  

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  • Queen sized bed
  • 42 inch TV
  • LAN & WiFi
  • Wardrobe
  • Sofa
  • Armchair
  • Lounge table
  • Full length mirror
  • Air Conditioning
  • Mosquito screens
  • Split blackout shutters for privacy/ full dark
  • External ‘Persian’ blinds for soft light and ventilation



  • Rain shower
  • Washstand with stone vessel sink
  • Mirror & Shaving mirror
  • Blackout & Persian blinds
  • Hair dryer with diffuser attachment
  • WC & Bidet

What’s Included 

  • Concierge
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Private off street parking within fenced and gated villa property.


  • Garden, Guest Kitchen and pool.  Access to the room via 2 stone steps up.  From bedroom to bathroom 2 stone steps down.  No Handrails.

Extra Services Available

  • Breakfast may be available during busy times, check with us.
  • Driver Service
  • Laundry Service
  • Experiences
  • Wine tours


  • Florence is sold ‘Room Only’, breakfast is not included and may not be available
  • Maximum occupancy: 2 adults only or 1 adult + 1 child.  This is a licensing issue.  Check in will be refused where more than 2 adults only or 1 adult + 1 child present for check in. Contact us if you need a double room licensed to include 1 child, a family of 2 adults + 1 child under the age of 12 can be accommodated from 259 euro per night breakfast included, on the first floor, with direct booking.
  • Bookings into this room are not upgraded to the first floor.

Rental Period

  • Earliest Arrival 3pm (contact us) Standard Arrival 5-8 pm, Latest Arrival 9pm (contact us). Early Arrival is not available. Earliest Departure 7 am (contact us) Standard Departure 9-11 am.  Latest Departure 11 am.  Late Checkout is not available.
  • We occasionally have ‘half nights’ (99 euro) available to add to your reservation, contact us close to arrival for availability.

Best Available Rate

  • Best Available Rate & Cancellation Policy is always direct with us HERE Select the room and click ‘continue’ to review the cancellation direct booking policy.
  • Minimum stay for advance booking is 2 nights.
  • Last minute minimum stay is 1 night during Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Contact us about Long Stay Rates – we will reduce weeknight rates a little on a 4/+ night stay to bring the average nightly rate down.  Saturday and Sunday nights are not discounted.