Places We Love

  • Torrita di Siena, Grappa Town

    Distance from Hotel: 5 minutes

    Torrita di Siena, Grappa Town

    The Hill Town Torrita di Siena is a pretty, red brick medieval hill town with a real-life vibe away from the crowds. Torrita di Siena ‘Little Tower Of Siena’ feels very […]

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  • Siena: Living Medieval City

    Distance from Hotel: 40 minutes

    Siena: Living Medieval City

    Siena – living medieval city and capital town of the province of Siena – is both busy tourist centre and an unmissable visit.  Home to one of the best squares […]

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  • Perfectly Preserved Montefollonico

    Distance from Hotel: 12 minutes

    Perfectly Preserved Montefollonico

    Many visitors to our area might miss this little beauty completely, passing by on their way to the more famous Pienza.  But wait a moment! didn’t you say you were […]

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  • Pienza, a pope’s masterpiece

    Distance from Hotel: 25 min

    Pienza, a pope’s masterpiece

    Both a village and a wider zone, Pienza countryside begins some 10 minute’s drive from the house whilst the village is about 25 minutes away.  The commune of Pienza includes […]

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  • Glamorous Cortona

    Distance from Hotel: ~30 min

    Glamorous Cortona

    Another of the towns we can see from the house, high up on the side of the Appenines, glowing rosy with the setting sun, Cortona is the venue of long […]

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  • Wine City Montepulciano

    Distance from Hotel: ~15 min

    Wine City Montepulciano

    Montepulciano, cited favourite hill town by many experienced Tuscany travellers and writers is visible from the house, glittering on the horizon at sun down. We see it at it’s best […]

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  • Untouristy Arezzo

    Distance from Hotel: ~30 min

    Untouristy Arezzo

    There’s a realness and sense of discovery about Arezzo that we really love. The local people going about their business. The beautiful architecture in the centre. Historic and contemporary cafes […]

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  • Trequanda, Olive Oil Village

    Distance from Hotel: 7 min

    Trequanda, Olive Oil Village

    Moments away from the house by car in the Orcia Chiana Ridge, Trequanda is an Olive Oil Town loved by Italian visitors to Tuscany. Appealing for it’s unspoiled feel and […]

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  • San Gimignano ‘Manhattan in Tuscany’

    Distance from Hotel: 75 minutes

    San Gimignano ‘Manhattan in Tuscany’

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  • Montisi: ballooning hot spot

    Distance from Hotel: 15 minutes

    Montisi: ballooning hot spot

    Forgive me for using the term rugged in your description, manicured Montisi, but it’s your softly rounded, rugged walls that define your difference to our other lovely hill towns. One […]

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  • Glorious Orvieto

    Distance from Hotel: 50 minutes

    Glorious Orvieto

    On a high plateaux, overlooking the road to Rome, Orvieto appears to have grown from the rock that it sits upon. Ancient stronghold of the popes, who retreated to this […]

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  • Spa Town Bagno Vignone

    Distance from Hotel: 30 min

    Spa Town Bagno Vignone

    Situated high in the Val d’Orcia find Bagno Vignone, in the Commune of San Quirico d’Orcia. It’s about 30 minute’s drive from the house. San Quirico includes some truly iconic […]

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  • Distance from Hotel: 30 minutes

    Etruscan Chiusi

    Chosen resting place of the Etruscan kings, archaeologically rich Chiusi – with it’s Etruscan Tombs, Catacombs & museum is a must see for anyone interested in the ancient peoples of […]

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