Trequanda, Olive Oil Village

Moments away from the house by car in the Orcia Chiana Ridge, Trequanda is an Olive Oil Town loved by Italian visitors to Tuscany. Appealing for it’s unspoiled feel and real life charm, you won’t find many tourists here.

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Just beyond view of the house, hidden by the highest point in the ridge, Trequanda is little known internationally.  Particularly loved by the Milanese, it feels like a well kept secret during the Summer.  Being largely off the tourist maps to date you can get a Coffee and Pastry for the local’s price (1.20 E cappuccino, 1.00 E Pastry) in either bar in the main square!


There’s a lively feel to Trequanda.  The people of the town are open and charming and welcome you with a smile.  As it’s at the top of a long hill climb from Sinalunga, where there are a couple of cycle clubs (Sinalunga is the location of a European level cycling competition and the locals are really into the sport) you’ll often see groups of cyclists in town on weekend mornings pausing for a coffee and a rest before heading out to the Val d’Orcia’s cycling challenges….

DSC_2739DSC_2899DSC_3017-001Image showing a Tuscan Hill town chapel built in stone with checkerboard pattern in the top half of the construction in the shadow showing yellow floral path leading to the steps from bottom right of the image and red brick wall in foreground at leftDSC_3067DSC_3056DSC_3078DSC_3073

From Trequanda programme your GPS to take you to Montalcino to enjoy one of the most beautiful drives in all of Tuscany, taking you through a host of super ‘little’ visits…



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