Siena: Living Medieval City

Siena – living medieval city and capital town of the province of Siena – is both busy tourist centre and an unmissable visit.  Home to one of the best squares in all of Italy – Piazza il Campo, where the twice annual ‘Palio’ bareback city centre horse race is run, don’t go so far off the beaten path that you skip on Siena…

Image showing the medieval city of siena from close byImage showing a grey horse with his handler in the central square in Siena on the morning of the final try out for the palio horse race the animals is surrounded by ,en in sunglasses wearing the contrada scarvesimage showing the tower in the piazza il campo in siena as seen high above the roof line of the side streetsImage of the Piazza il campo city square in Siena ready for palio with the track in placeImage showing the main government building in the piazza il campo square in Sienadetail of architecture in the Piazza del mercato in Siena showing loggia with the high tower torre di mangia in the main square behindimage showing the Piazza il campo tower in Siena, as viewed from one of the medieval side streets the ochre walls of the houses and the green painted shutters with blue and white contrada flags flyingImage showing a medieval building with arched windows and red brick this is the town hall in the Piazza il Campo of SienaImage showing the streets of Siena with contrada flags flyingimage showing the sign towards piazza il campo from the piazza il campo car park showing scene taken from within the car parkImage of the Piazza il campo city square in Siena ready for palio with the track in placeImage of a wall in the medieval town of siena showing graffiti with the words you will die in vain morirai in vana

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