Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

We offer several stay types at the house, each has its own booking period – or market – meaning when the relevant guests are planning those types of stays. Some booking types are higher risk than others – such as early bookings and group bookings – being booking types where the guest will be looking to secure their room nights earlier but also are more likely to cancel – and to cancel late.  Other types of bookings – such as in-season bookings that go out of availability later and come back into availability (if cancelled) within a relatively short period are more likely to end up sold later on. Thus our policies are each a little different according to risk factors and lead time (from shopping to check in) which both impact the likelihood of a successful sale or a loss in the event of cancellation.

Standard Reservations

STANDARD POLICY (Standard B&B stays of one room booked with arrival fewer than 60 days away) To reserve one room B&B for a short stay we require a valid credit card as guarantee.  The full amount due for the reservation is charged to the card 14 days prior to arrival. Cancellation is free until 3pm 21 days from check in.  Cancellation after this time incurs penalty of 25% accommodation amount and cancellation after 3pm 14 days from arrival incurs penalty of 100% accommodation amount. Notify as soon as you can within 14 days and we will attempt resale and credit with a voucher where we are successful (for amounts after costs & penalties)  for a future stay.  No shows and shortened stays are charged full rate.

EARLY RESERVATION (Standard B&B stays booked with arrival more than 90 days away) To reserve one room for up to 10 nights more than 90 days in advance we will require 25% of total accommodation costs to be paid by credit card at the time of booking. This amount becomes non refundable 90 days away from the original check in date. CANCELLATION is free* up until 3 pm Italian time 90 days prior to the original check in LATER CANCELLATION after 3pm Italian time fewer than 21 days before the scheduled check in incurs a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the total accommodation cost of your reservation and cancellation later than 3pm Italian time fewer than 14 days from original check in incurs penalty equal to 100% accommodation costs. No shows and Shortened stays are charged at full rate. *Where no costs are incurred.  We are not responsible for FX losses, banking or admin charges incurred in cancellation.

MULTI ROOM & LONG STAY RESERVATIONS when eserving 2/+ rooms or when staying 10/+ nights at the house your free* CANCELLATION period is before 3pm Italian time 75 days from arrival. To reserve we require 25% deposit followed by an additional 25% of the total accommodation costs to total 50% of the total accommodation costs is to be paid by 3 pm Italian time 30 days prior to arrival becoming non refundable at that point. For a multi room booking we may pre-authorise the balance due on the same card 15 days prior to arrival. Cancellation later than 3pm Italian time 30 days prior to arrival incurs a cancellation fee equal to 50% of total accommodation cost, cancellation 15 days prior to arrival incurs a cancellation fee equal to 100% of accommodation cost. No shows and shortened stays are charged at full rate.  *Where no costs are incurred.  We are not responsible for FX losses, banking or admin charges incurred in cancellation.

Villa Rental Stays


This is not the case when booking into a Villa Rental for example – where the property has not the possibility to oversell during a whole property rental – not only because the guest has booked exclusive use of the property but also because there’s no market: Villa Rentals have a certain lead time which means this customer is looking to reserve way ahead of other types of guest. If a Villa Rental is cancelled and that period is released back into availability late, there will likely be no one shopping for Villas any longer.  Thus Villa Rental policies are very strict and typically non cancellable well in advance of due check in date compared to B&B / hotel stay room by room booking types.




All Reservations

CHECK IN (arrival at the house) after 3 pm and CHECK OUT (departure from the property and gardens) by 11 am.

OVERNIGHT ONLY / ONE NIGHT POLICY  one night reservations are charged a premium of 25% on the full 2 night stay room rate.

INCIDENTALS: Upon departure your credit card on file will be charged for incidentals – items present at arrival missing at departure – and any non standard room cleaning or repairs required. Late departure may also incur additional charges. In the case of all rooms rentals or private hire liability extends across the whole property and pool and includes subsequent losses that may be incurred by damage.

TRAVEL INSURANCE Cancellation and early departure due to bad weather will not be refunded. Travel insurance will protect you from bad weather, health and other problems, we strongly advise the purchase of travel insurance.

CANCELLATION means cancellation of room nights, be it all or part of the stay.


Why late cancellation is not ‘free’

We don’t over book (sell more availability than we actually have) as is typical for bigger hotels who might oversell by 10% or so thus compensating for that level of expected cancellation but also sharing some of the risk of cancellation with you.  Overselling by the hotel means they will be able to offer more flexibility within the cancellation policy – typically with the accompanying risk of double booking.  This is usually described by the hotel as the ‘walk’ policy because in the case of an oversold period with no guest cancelling someone is going to be refused check in and ‘walked’ to another similar quality and price level hotel. Being a small hotel we are selling reservation into specific rooms not room types and we are not overselling which means you are not booking an option but an actual ‘thing’ or product: a room night. Imagine my product is a nice shiny green apple in a basket: it’s easy to sell when the market is good and it’s in perfect condition.  But when it’s removed and then returned to the basket some weeks – or months – later? Far more likely to remain unsold.  Not only because it’s close to the sell by date – but because the market has likely changed. Either the customers who wanted best, crisp & shiny apples are now gone or those left are only looking at buying apples to make cider – late and cheap. Hotel room nights are much like apples – they have a season, a market, a ‘best before’ date – and most definitely a shelf life.  Free cancellation end and incremental penalties are calculated based around likelihood to resell and costs associated with attempting to sell last minute (eg google ads, using travel agents).