The Summer Kitchen

A good kitchen makes the difference; access to a good kitchen makes you feel at home.


Tuscany is a gastronomic paradise; the food and wine available all around us is second to none.  Locally we’re talking great cheeses, wines, olive oil, cured meats, beef, honey, truffles, saffron & the local pastas for a start.  You’re not into self catering, but naturally you’re going to be tempted into buying some glorious local produce to try whilst you’re out exploring the hill towns. You might have a particular diet to adhere to, or feel like rustling up a just picked garden salad… in short, a place doesn’t feel like home without access to a good kitchen.

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Certainly after a day’s self- drive sip-and-spit wine tasting it’s almost impossible not to bring back a great bottle to enjoy at the house. Whether you only after a pair of wine glasses or you’re planning to cook a 3 course supper you’ll find everything you need right there.

The Summer Kitchen is set in an outbuilding, next to our organic vegetable garden. Originally a pig sty and then later Amanda’s painting studio – it’s a pretty spot with good light and views.  It feels private when you’re using it – and it’s easy to ignore when you’re not.


In here you will find local Teas and Espresso Coffee, bottled water, local red wine and a fridge full of cold Italian beer.

If you would like to take advantage of our free drinks, BBQ & cooking facilities please reserve your room direct