• The House

    The House

    On a bluff, in the ascending slopes of the bowl of a prehistoric lagoon, a stone and brick ‘Leopoldina’ property, in a panoramic position. Externally in the Leopoldina style – a design penned […]

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  • The Grounds

    The Grounds

    Relatively small for a farm (we produce Saffron and Olive Oil) but making for a large garden, the grounds are fully enclosed with a wall, and gated entrance. The wall […]

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  • The Pool

    The Pool

    Walk through the Olive Grove to reach the pool.  It’s big – 95m2. A little away from the house, in generous lawns, views of borgo Amorosa and the organically farmed […]

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  • Pioneering Interior

    Pioneering Interior

    Although the property is historically significant, unfortunately following decades as a tumble-down, nothing much remained on the inside to be saved. The silver lining? this enabled us to do whatever […]

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  • The Art

    The Art

    Having a resident artist at the house (Amanda) means that place is full of original paintings and sculpture; and colour.

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