A big square house on a small hill, with 360 degree views, the property is a good size. Spaces are generous, everything in proportion but large – large spaces inside, large windows, generous bedrooms, large living spaces, generous lawns, large pool. Despite it’s many special details, however, the most special thing about the property is the contrast – the contrast between the lovely old rustic, original exterior – and the art, design and experience of being inside

  • The House

    The House

    On a bluff, in the ascending slopes of the bowl of a prehistoric lagoon, a stone and brick ‘Leopoldina’ property, in a panoramic position. Externally in the Leopoldina style – a design penned […]

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  • The Grounds

    The Grounds

    Relatively small for a farm (we produce Saffron and Olive Oil) but making for a large garden, the grounds are fully enclosed with a wall, and gated entrance. The wall […]

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  • The Pool

    The Pool

    Walk through the Olive Grove to reach the pool.  It’s big – 95m2. A little away from the house, in generous lawns, views of borgo Amorosa and the organically farmed […]

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  • Interior Design

    Interior Design

    Although the property is historically significant, unfortunately following decades as a tumble-down, nothing much remained on the inside to be saved. The silver lining? this enabled us to do whatever […]

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  • Art Collection

    Art Collection

    Every room at the house, whether bedroom or open space, is hung with paintings and drawings, sculpture, craft and one off pieces. Touchable stone and wood in bespoke bathrooms, huge […]

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