Interior Design

Although the property is historically significant, unfortunately following decades as a tumble-down, nothing much remained on the inside to be saved. The silver lining? this enabled us to do whatever we wanted. Tuscany in 2004 was much like Tuscany in 1975… There was no place like Siena House when we began; it was all terracotta here – dark stained wood work there – country style furnishings everywhere… Our artist designed gallery-like airy interior in greys and whites (completed in 2005) was pioneering. Even after 10 years we continue to inspire, both locally and internationally.

We created a fabulous, easy-on-the-eyes, balsamic-on-the soul, you-will-look-good-in-it living space.  A comfortable, functional beautiful living space.  Huge rooms with tons of light, gorgeous furnishings and art and and huge windows with killer views.

Like us, you’ll love spending time at the house regardless of what the weather’s doing.

Described by one of our lovely guests as haptic the interior has been sympathetically restored, maintaining all found details and re-creating nothing.  If it was not there, and we needed it – we made it, in it’s pure, functional form.

Painting in whites, using gorgeous local materials in their raw states makes a sensual experience that is certainly therapeutic.  We witness our newly arrived guests decompress within minutes of being here.


Above the ground floor, where you’ll find us.  Below the first floor and tower, which are just for you.


WORD OF MOUTH: Modern funky interiors, unpretentious, understated luxury, cool, feel at home,light and spacious, decorated impeccably, fabulous pad in Tuscany, unique, stylish, great party house.