The Pool

Walk through the Olive Grove to reach the pool. ┬áIt’s big – 95m2.

A little away from the house, in generous lawns, views of borgo Amorosa and the organically farmed land that surrounds us.

With only 5 rooms, there are plenty of opportunities to be the only ones there… Practice your Tango barefoot on the grass.

boutique_hotel_tuscany_sienahouse_the_garden (6)

Image of a tuscan farm house sitting on a hill with a pool lower down in a lawn area showing the rosemary surrounding the pool and the trees in leaf with one large cypress tree at life and one white sunlounger at below left foreground with blue skies summer in tuscany

Salt Water is lovely on the skin and hair (compared to Chlorinated) and gentler on the eyes.

Lawns are clipped short and springy, soft underfoot.

image showing the large pool in tuscan garden rosemary and cypress trees and white sun loungers photo by Rene Rickli

The aspect is sunset, and the views are rural. Shade is provided by ‘Shade Sails’ which are wind proof – as the winds can get high.

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boutique_hotel_tuscany_sienahouse_the_pool (3)