The Summer Kitchen

When we realised that our guests would really enjoy the possibility to self-assemble a fabulous cheese board to enjoy with the very same Brunello they just tasted at the vineyard, we put in a fully equipped food preparation space. I don’t want to call it a kitchen, because you probably don’t intend to cook. Whether you only want to open a bottle of wine or you’ve one of our world class local steaks to barbecue, having a good kitchen available will make you feel more at home.


The Summer Kitchen is set in an outbuilding, next to our organic vegetable garden. Originally a pig sty and then later Amanda’s painting studio – it’s a pretty spot with good light and views. It feels private when you’re using it – and it’s easy to ignore when you’re not.

2015-08-28-siena-house-rooms-173 2015-08-28-siena-house-rooms-167

Certainly after a day’s self- drive sip-and-spit wine tasting it’s almost impossible not to bring back a great bottle to enjoy at the house. If you’ve a little one in tow or a special diet to adhere to it’s going to come in handy.  In the Summer Kitchen Teas and Espresso Coffee, bottled water, local red wine and a fridge full of cold Italian beer all available on the house. 


A nice outdoors focal point – on warm Summer evenings, it’s not unusual to find guests cooking, talking and drinking wine together or sharing use of the barbecue.

WORD OF MOUTH  Siena House is a truly luxurious yet homely place to stay, with the addition of the Summer Kitchen you can really treat the place as your own.  The Summer Kitchen and it’s ‘any time free basic bar & store cupboard essentials’ ethos really iced the cake for us, their attitude to hospitality is so laid back and so so cool !