The Vegetable Garden

Spontaneous decision to ditch all plans and do a day poolside? No problem. Rustle up a just picked salad. So simple and so good.

Image of Amanda Helen Atkins picking Tomatoes at Siena House, Tuscany.

Just picture the bliss of biting into a perfectly ripe Tomato, warmed by the sun…and imagine (it’s impossible to describe to anyone who’s never smelled it) being immersed in the unforgettable heady perfume of the Tomato plant itself as you pick, breathe deeply and unwind…who would have thought foraging together could be so divine?

Image of a bowl of Heritage Tomatoes on a white table with white chairs and countryside green arable landscape background

Our guests are very welcome to take advantage of our extensively planted organic vegetable garden.  It’s especially glorious by the end of June and all the way through to September when it’s really in full swing. In conjunction with the Summer Kitchen and the basics we provide within (salt, pepper, garlic, pasta, olive oil, vinegar, wine & water) you can whip up something simple and impromptu on a whim; or bring home some super local produce and really go for it!

Image of a Caprese salad or insalata caprese the famous Italian dish of Tomatoes, Mozzarella di Bufala, and torn Basil leaves. This one just made at Siena House - Tomatoes and Basil from the Garden, Buffalo Mozzarella from Campania.vegetable

We love to hear our guests cooing over the sensational aromas and flavours.  

Image of Date Tomatoes on the vine in July at Siena House, Tuscany.


WORD OF MOUTH: Enjoy the organic vegetable garden at Siena House. We were welcome to use the produce. We really enjoyed the meals we prepared. Wonderful organic produce growing in the garden. The Tomatoes were amazing. Cooking a barbecue with some of the other guests was really fun.