White Truffles Make The Most Special Pasta

White Truffles Pasta, the most delicious and the simplest of all pasta dishes to make… is also the most exclusive and possibly the most romantic…Why?

As I imagine most readers would be aware, the enigmatic White Truffle does not grow on trees and is most certainly not found in the average supermarket – not even in a very good one.  It is, frankly, just ‘Too Special’ and it’s not only the incredible flavour that makes this magical little tuber so desirable, White Truffles can be a difficult ingredient to find.

Let’s break the tradition somewhat and look at the ‘how to make’ or ‘method’ part of our recipe before the ingredients list. This is important – as you will understand when you read what it takes to source your ingredient – once you’re done with all of that, you will be happy that you opted for an easy cook.

METHOD: Cook the pasta to your personal taste, drain and toss in plenty of warm melted butter.  Add finely sliced White Truffle and combine, serving with plenty of Fresh White Truffles finely shaved on top.

The problem (but also a lot of the pleasure) you see – is in finding the White Truffles.

INGREDIENTS (or what is required to find White Truffles)

  • 1-3 dogs with special training
  • A pocket full of doggy treats
  • A special digging tool
  • A very special type of soil
  • A very special location
  • Luck and Patience
  • Oh yes, and for this variant you really should be in Tuscany.





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