Technology (Wifi etc)

Even in the largest city hotels the WiFi and supporting technologies are usually disappointing. We are very conscious that both adults and small people need good, reliable & fast Internet. At the House, we have a 20Mbps microwave connection via a small antennae on our roof. We have had this installed for over a year and it has consistently delivered at or over 20Mbps (unlike the infamous “up t0 20 Mbps”).

The House is has WiFi throughout and also a hard wire LAN in each room. The wired LAN is connected to a mini – PC which serves a TV screen in each bedroom. There is a mini – wireless keyboard for each TV and a Blue Ray DVD player.

You will be able to access any local TV in the world that broadcasts unrestrictedly over the internet for domestic viewers. Thus, if you are British – for example, you will be able to access the BBC iPlayer and see all of the domestic channels live or watch the extensive BBC library of programmes. If you are Canadian, watch CBC, if Australian, watch  ABC, if German – watch – ZDF, American – watch PBS etc. etc….

Additional Stuff:

We also offer Satellite TV with a wide range of free to air European and some American channels.

We also have a large library of DVD’s that you are welcome to borrow.

Finally, If you subscribe to Netflix or other paid channels, you can use your subscription on our system.