Terms of Service

Terms of Service


Depending upon your booking type, dates, lead time to stay (and our remaining availability) payment or credit card guarantee or payment at the time of booking will be required. Where payment, full or partial is required at the time of booking, the booking is subject to a second confirmation or ‘Reconfirm’ and therefore until the payment has been made the booking is not confirmed. In periods of strong demand we may be in touch to seek reconfirm. In some cases we may require that certain or all nights be paid earlier than standard, to continue to hold them off sale and in other cases a deposit will suffice, we will advise. We reserve the right to charge any/all unpaid nights to the card supplied at the time of booking, or to cancel the booking, at our discretion, in cases where there is not a timely response to our attempt at contact. We will always contact via the same address supplied at point of reservation.

Rental Period

Arrival / Check in after 4 pm, check out by 11 am as standard. Reception is required for access to the property, a fenced and gated villa, not a ‘walk-in hotel’.The Rental Period included in the reservation: 4pm arrival to 11 am departure.  By arrival and departure we mean to and from the property. During low occupancy we offer the possibility to reserve early arrival and late departure (for a small fee) Early and Late must be booked in advance and is subject to availability.

License and Occupancy

We are a licensed property and as such each room has a maximum head count described at the time of booking at the booking engine and/or during the website pages/description for the rooms.  Most of our rooms are licensed for 2 adults + 1 0-11 year old child to a total guest occupancy in house of no more than 12 adult guests and 6 child aged guests (0-11 years old, age at departure) To avoid mistakes that might result in check in being refused (ie where we exceed our headcount due to unannounced ‘extra’ people arriving) you must book your child into the room, or inform us by email in advance, not simply arrive with a child or extra person. Additional per person charges will be levied to unannounced additional guests, where we are able to accept them into your room.

Theft and Damage Liability

The rooms at the house are furnished and decorated with bespoke and handmade pieces, designer items no longer in production, historic pieces, real art and sculpture, as well as the luxury linens, robes and towels that you would expect to find within a resort or luxury villa at a significantly higher nightly rate. We prefer to keep prices very reasonable and to do this we require a credit card guarantee for damage and/or theft or a preauthorized fixed amount (usually the first night of the stay) as a deposit, to which claims will not be limited in case of damage to the room or property or theft. Guests are welcome to request a room inventory/checklist of items that should be present at check in. In case of group rental (including bookings into the Tuscany Suite and groups or exclusive use of the property this guarantee against theft and/or damage will extending across the whole property during the stay.


Use the cancellation link in your booking confirmation but also email us at malvintyler@gmail.com if desiring personal confirmation

Cancellation by the guest

In the case where a guest cancels the reservation, the policy governing the booking (printed on your booking/shown in our copy of your confirmation) will show whether monies are forfeited or might be refunded in full or part following any subsequent resale.  

Resale of Cancelled Nights

Resale is never guaranteed but cancelling as early as possible gives the best chance to resell. Unwanted nights will go on sale at a same or close to same rate as original purchase. In case of late cancellation paying a higher than standard (17%) commission with an Online Travel Agency (such as booking dot com) is the most successful tactic but does incur costs, typically around 30 % commission to make a sale. Any refund to be made will be net of such costs, once the new payment is final.

Cancellation by the hotel (Walk Policy)

In the event of our inability to accommodate due to under booking, overbooking, force mauer, quality control (i.e. problems within a room such as damage incurred during a previous booking or equipment failure or repairs being required or other serious issues present that might reduce the quality or comfort of the stay) the hotel will notify the guest at the earliest possibility and in case of failure to contact the guest or in case of cancellation at arrival will seek out and indicate, booking where necessary, alternative accommodation in a similar area quality and price range. Amounts paid will be refunded where accommodation is refused except in the event that Siena House must refuse check in due to occupancy limitations (a group or single booking exceeding the indicated maximum licensed occupancy, such as in case of undeclared extra adults or children or animals or in case of unacceptable, threatening or aggressive behaviour) in which case amounts paid will be retained. Note: We have had only 2 double bookings in our 10+ years of operation, both notified well in advance and resolved with alternative accommodation or date changes to the guests’ satisfaction.

Safety Security Privacy

The property is a non smoking property.  Smoking is permitted in the garden only.  Ashtrays must be used, they are provided in the entrance hall. The front door can be opened easily from within and must be kept clear of obstruction and remain openable (not double locked) during the night as it is the fire escape for the first floor. Fire extinguishers are provided in the Tuscany Suite Lounge (2) as well as the Garden Kitchen (1) and on the ground floor (1) First aid boxes are fitted within the entrance hall and within the Garden Kitchen. Ground floor bedroom windows are barred, ground floor doors have Persian Blinds fitted. Guests are advised to lock doors during absence for security but requested to keep keys within the locks of locked doors during the night (if doors are to be locked at night) and all exits clear of obstruction.

The entire property is circled by wall and fencing, with gates. Gates remain closed. Guests are provided with devices to open gates and keys to their rooms. Guests should not travel with high value items and are advised to purchase specific insurance cover if they must bring valuable items with them. Valuables are the responsibility of their owner. Rental cars should be locked at night with windows closed. The immediate area around the main building and entry points is subject to 24 hour video surveillance, however cars parked in both front and rear car parks are not guaranteed to be within view of cameras and thus are parked at the owners risk.

Young children must be accommodated with parents in the same bedroom (child beds must not be repositioned into the walk in wardrobes or bathrooms) unless in the case of booking into a 2 bedroom suite.  In case of The Chianti Suite or The Tuscany Suite bookings, children must not be accommodated without parents in the Cortona room (the room with the X large, deep bathtub). Children must not be allowed to sit on windowsills or lean out of windows, climb shelving or explore beyond immediate garden areas. Children must be accompanied at all times and not allowed in or around the pool or garden or kitchen areas without supervision by an adult.  Parents much take necessary precautions to keep their children safe from sunburn and insect bites. We do have biting and stinging insects in this organically farmed area and we do not use any pesticides. Shoes must be worn in the garden and at the pool area. We have chickens and waterfowl at the house including a small but deep pond which is not fenced – although it tends to hold no water during the hot Summer months – we urge parents not to allow children to wander alone in the lower parts of the garden. We also underline that we have a small flock of chickens and geese, all native heritage breeds at the property, often free ranging but restricted from entering the fenced pool gardens. There are also bees on the property.

Pool Regulations

(Art. 10 L.R. Toscana n.8 / 2006)
Laws and recommendations for the proper use of the pool
  • The pool is open is between 08.00 hours in the morning and 20.00 hours in the evening.
  • Children under 14 must be accompanied and supervised by adults at all times;
  • It is obligatory to use the shower and to wash the feet before entering the water;
  • It is obligatory to wear a swimming cap during bathing;
  • It is obligatory to use slippers / spa shoes in the vicinity of the pool and unpaved pathways;
  • It is forbidden to dive or engage in potentially harmful behaviour in the pool area.
  • The pool may only be accessed via the steps or ladder provided.
  • No smoking is allowed;
  • Swimming pool use is prohibited during any cleaning or sanitizing operations;
  • Bathing in the event of rain and thunderstorms and, in particular, adverse weather conditions is prohibited;
  • It is forbidden to play with the pool plant and equipment;
  • It is forbidden to bring glassware or other potentially dangerous items in the pool area.
  • It is recommended not to bathe before three hours have elapsed since the last meal.
  • In case of emergency, call 118;
  • The nearest telephone is within the house with the owners
  • The Emergency area for First Aid is within the entrance hall (on the wall by the stairs) and in the Guest Kitchen (behind the entrance door)
  • The swimming pool is reserved for guests only;
  • Maximum number of bathers allowed in the pool area is 16 people;
  • The deepest point of the pool is 140 cm The shallowest point is 140 cm.
  • Its dimensions are 7 mt. by 14 mt;
  • The pool manager is Malvin Tyler
  • Pool water is filtered, treated, controlled and analyzed daily;
  • The toilets are located in the main house
Those who do not comply with the regulations will be removed from the pool area


Travel Insurance

It is the responsibility of the guest to purchase travel insurance to protect against unforeseen events that might result in damage or losses even prior to arrival for example events that lead to late cancellations.  Inability to travel will never be the responsibility of the hotel and does not warrant changes to the terms and conditions under which the booking was made.


Allergies should be declared well before arrival, and stated again at check in.