Terms of Service

In using our website, including reserving at our homepage booking system, you are agree to our Terms Of Service

Room and Breakfast Policies

We offer a series of Rate options, including a free cancellation option and, according to lead time to arrival, 1-2 Special Offer, and potentially already Non-Refundable, rates.

Voucher Policy

When you book directly with us, we offer, the possibility to get a resale attempt or voucher issued to your Non-Refundable reservation, in the event of a late cancellation:

  • Late Cancellation for any reason with 14/+ days remaining to arrival:  A voucher, valid for 12 months will be issued. No Documentation is required.
  • Cancellation due to Flight Cancellation with 5/+ days remaining to arrival: A voucher, valid for 12 months, will be issued. Proof of flight booking & cancellation required.

Vouchers commence on check out day. No voucher is issued in the event of No Show, for any reason.


Voucher paid amounts will be subject to reactivation in cancellation as below. New/balancing amounts will be subject to the cancellation policies as cited at the reservation itself.

Voucher Reactivation

[Cancellation policy for voucher-paid amounts] Vouchers will be reissued to full value where cancellation gives 60 days notice. For cancellations notified between 60 and 21 days, the voucher will be reissued to 50% value. For cancellations notified after 21 days, no voucher is issued.


Where dates are in high demand, or we have sold out of accommodation in your category, we may reach out to seek Reconfirmation. We reserve the right to charge your booking earlier/in full where no response is forthcoming within 48 hrs.

Rental Period

Arrival on the property from 3-9 pm [check in from 4pm] as standard, Departure from 09-11 am [check out by 11am] as Standard. Non-Standard arrival and departure timings must be requested 24-48 hours prior to arrival. Tell us in the comments box if you expect to request early arrival or late departure.


Please book all guests into your reservation. Presence of all/any children of all/any age must be declared at the time of booking. Use the comments box to inform us of child presence and age. Where occupancy is exceeded, we will have no choice but to refuse check in and treat the booking as No Show. No Refund or Credit/Voucher will be provided.


Non-standard cleaning requirements at departure, spontaneous late departure, items damaged or missing from the rental spaces and purchases made in house will be charged to the credit card provided. We may require more than one card [one per double room rented] for multiroom/suite/group bookings.

Safety, security, Privacy

Pool Regulations

  • The pool is open is between 08.00 hours in the morning and 20.00 hours in the evening.
  • Children under 14 must be accompanied and supervised by adults at all times;
  • It is obligatory to use the shower [with soap] and to wash the feet before entering the water [we provide pool shoes and robes for comfort]
  • It is obligatory to use slippers/pool shoes in the vicinity of the pool and unpaved pathways;
  • It is forbidden to dive or engage in potentially harmful behaviour in the pool area.
  • The pool may only be accessed only via the steps or ladder provided.
  • No smoking is allowed
  • Swimming pool use is prohibited during any cleaning or sanitizing operations
  • Bathing in the event of rain and thunderstorms and, in particular, adverse weather conditions is dangerous and therefore prohibited
  • It is forbidden to play with the pool plant and equipment;
  • It is forbidden to bring glassware or other potentially dangerous items in the pool area.
  • It is recommended not to bathe before three hours have elapsed since the last meal.
  • In case of emergency, call 118
  • The nearest telephone is within the house with the owners
  • The Emergency area for First Aid is within the entrance hall (on the wall by the stairs) and in the Guest Kitchen (behind the entrance door)
  • The swimming pool is reserved for resident guests only
  • The deepest point of the pool is 140 cm The shallowest point is 140 cm.
  • Its dimensions are 7 mt. by 14 mt;
  • The pool manager is Malvin Tyler
  • Pool water is filtered, treated, controlled and analysed daily;
  • The toilets are located in the main house
Those who do not comply with the regulations will be removed from the pool area

Fire safety

SMOKING Smoking is not allowed indoors. Smokers are reminded that the ground can be very dry in the Summer and must use ashtrays [located inside entrance hall and guest kitchen] when smoking outside. FIRE EXITS The front/main entrance door must be kept clear of obstruction and remain openable (not double locked) during the night, as it is the fire escape for the first floor. FIRE EXTINGUISHERS are provided in the Tuscany Suite Lounge, as well as the Guest Kitchen, and Main Kitchen. GUEST KITCHEN Please excercize caution when cooking: keep children away from the gas hob, check the gas hob is ‘off’ upon exit and don’t leave the kitchen whilst you are cooking. BBQ During the hot Summer months, the BBQ must remain on the terrace and not be positioned over grass.

First aid

FIRST AID BOXES are fitted within the entrance to the main house within the entrance to the guest kitchen [Summer Kitchen] EMERGENCIES A staff member will be on site 24 hours per day. All rooms have emergency bells. We have an additional emergency call bell for you to call us for nighttime emergency. AMBULANCE To call an ambulance, dial 118. Operators will have some English, don’t hesitate to call. We will assist with translation requirements for as long as required, including at hospital.


The property is never left empty; there is always a family or staff member on site. We have CCTV around the main house [externally]. For all rooms, guests are advised to lock doors during absence[for security] but are requested to keep keys in any locked doors during the night [for safety] All exits must remain clear of baggage/obstruction. Guests should not travel with high value items unless unavoidable, in which case they should insure them specifically. Cars and other valuable items are the responsibility of the guest. Cars are parked at the owner/renters risk-including when parked within the perimeter fence.


The property is fully enclosed with high wall/fence and gates. Guests are provided with entry devices. Non-residents are not afforded entry to the property or the house. We have CCTV around the villa [outside] Please note that when renting the villa exclusively, 24 hr professional security [guard] will be a mandatory inclusion as we require personnel on site 24 hours per day for safety reasons.

Child Safety

Young children must be accommodated with parents at all times at the property. Child beds must not be moved out of bedrooms [into bathrooms/wardrobes etc] Children must not be accommodated without parents in the rooms with a bath tub. Children must not be allowed to sit on windowsills or lean out of windows, climb or stand on furniture. Shoes must be worn in shared spaces and in the garden. Children are not allowed to wander alone on the property.  We have animals on the property, including small breed chickens or Bantams [male and female] ducks and geese and indeed we have a small but steep sided natural pond low down in the garden, out of sight. We have a working shepherd dog at the property, he is loose with the birds when we are closed but never loose whilst we are open. Guests are politey requested not to approach or seek interaction with the dog, who has been trained to be indifferent/ignore people that he does not know.


We have birds, a dog, and bees on the property. We use feather pillow and duvet as a rule, but we do have synthetic pillows and duvets available upon advance request. Guests with food intolerances are reminded that we have cooking facilities on site. For food allergies or intolerances around breakfast, or indeed any specific requirement around food or health, tell us at the time of booking [use the comments box], and please remind us at arrival or during our pre-arrival communication, also.

Travel Insurance

It is the responsibility of the guest to purchase travel insurance to protect against unforeseen events that might result in damage or losses or prevent travel.