Our Story

Over the years we have abandoned our city roots and become ever more Tuscan.

Malvin is an ex Wall Street Trader and Amanda an artist. We are British and were both attracted to Italy and the Italian way of life; particularly Tuscany. When we arrived, we were still doing things the way we always had; we were career driven city types. Amanda, was painting and exhibiting, Malvin had a project that he was working on. The house was just a home. Gradually, however, the house began to change us: Little by little we abandoned our big city ideas and became more engaged with traditional Tuscan country life; Podere Life, as it were.

A Podere is a country dwelling, not unlike a small holding or homestead, its inhabitants live off the land. The small amount of land we have is sufficient to provide the majority of our food as a family, as we have discovered since the lock-downs.[To Be Continued]

We arrived in Tuscany in 2004 with our 3-month-old daughter and big ideas. We had clear ideas of the home we wanted to create using the ruin that Malvin had purchased back in the year 2000. By 2006 the restoration work was done, and we moved in. In the beginning we had only vast open ‘white’ spaces, a bed in each bedroom and the kitchen ‘Island’ installed. We were more focussed outside than in, and had no design at hospitality; we had not come here to do that..

First we turned our attention to the gardens. We replanted the ancient, bare terracing on the south side with 200 young olive trees, planted a good number of Cypresses, dedicated an area to growing vegetables and one of the outbuildings to a bird house. We purchased 50 Toulouse geese to graze the ‘difficult’ areas of the garden; the olive grove and the slopes. Those were wonderful, exciting times! We licensed the property as an Agriturismo (farm stay) in the same year, intending olive oil production and the possibility to a few weeks of villa rental during July and August, yet did not begin hospitality in earnest until about 2011.

Page under construction. To be continued…]

Once ex cow stalls now vast open kitchen and entertaining space

Lovely old Tuscany on the outside, discreetly techy and contemporary within, Siena House is the dream home restoration of a Wall Street trader and an Artist. Set within organically farmed land, fully enclosed by a wall and fence with a good access road, the property has magnificent views through huge picture windows—and is luminous, spacious, and luxurious inside.  In a non-touristy spot close to Sinalunga and central for Tuscany’s most wanted wines, hill towns and landscapes, the house an ideal base to explore from and comfortable for staying in—whatever the weather. The (salt water) pool is large (95m2) and set well away from the house in a scenic, private garden. Our true two bedroom suites and double en suite bedrooms are modernized, but not too modern. Bathrooms are especially lovely; luminous haptic and sculptural, built in raw, natural materials including matte white stone and reclaimed oak. Our super location offers 5 excellent places to eat out within 2 minutes’ drive (more at 10 minutes) and easy access to Rome & Florence.