Arezzo discoveries

Arezzo (35 mins from Siena House) is without doubt one of our absolute favorite spots. Beautiful city – smart shopping – some great historical sites to visit, but no souvenir stores and few tourists.  Very few.  Once (probably in the 1980’s) the highest Ferrari ownership per capita in all of Italy were found in Arezzo, centre for gold jewellery production and still the most significant business centre between us and Florence. There’s a delightful openness and busy seriousness in the people and the place that you can really feel.  This is the REAL Tuscany that everyone is searching for !


One of a kind SHOPPING :Genuinely Hand Made Leather (beautiful bags) at E.VA Pelletterie, Corso Italia 47.  You’ll be buying from the maker (since 1956)  you’ll meet her in the store.

And unmissable LUNCH: we had a superb cheese plate and selection of cured meats at the Cooperativa Agricola Montemercole outlet  –  La Bottega.  Superb produce, excellent service and good prices.


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