About Us

Malvin and I [Amanda] are the owners of Siena House. Malvin is an ex Wall Street Trader and I am an artist. In the picture is our son Henry, who is now 8 years old [and who wanted me to write that he loves to welcome children to the house]. Malvin is the Chef, and will make you an unforgettable breakfast and be available to help you plan your day’s adventures. I am the farmer, interior designer, and principal travel planner: You will be writing with me prior to booking or arrival. We are here full time [discreetly] day and night, year round: This is a big feature of staying at the house, and is where we cross over into hotel territory. We always insist, however, that this place is Definitely Not a Hotel, and for all the right reasons: Our personal service will have you experience the area like a local, not a tourist. The set-up of the property, and available amenities, allow you to be fully independent.

If you are considering a stay with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, for help, advice, and assistance—over all matters of your stay in our area. Wherever we have experience, we will share it. We have been here for 20 years, with over 10 as hoteliers. You can consider us, particularly me, as your personal Tuscany Travel Planners!

Amanda, 14/02/2023.