The star of breakfast are our pastured eggs. Provided for us by our beloved mute ducks and bantam chickens, who enjoy a very high quality of life.

Our Tuscan Heritage Breed Bantams

Fried in butter or Tallow, accompanied by Malvin’s home-smoked bacon, an ‘English Breakfast’ might be an unexpected offer, but certainly makes a great start to the day. More traditional for the area, pâtisserie fresh from the oven and an Italian coffee is, of course, available. Breakfast is served from 9am, and is accompanied by gourmet tea or 100% Arabica Coffee, locally roasted, and expertly prepared on a full sized bar machine.

image of the making of a Tuscan crostata or jam tart showing hands assembling the lattice in pastry on the top of the tart in the form of a cross
Tuscan ‘Jam Tart’ or Crostata

Our specialities

Malvin began making his own bread back in 2007, and his interest grew from there through jam making, bread and cake baking, and beyond.

Image of a chocolate brownie part of the siena house breakfast menu
Malvin’s legendary American Brownies

Recently, Malvin has begun to salt cure and oak smoke high quality high welfare pancetta at the house, making an English style smoked bacon. Magnificent served with butter or tallow fried grass fed eggs. Making many kinds of home baked bread and home produce fruit jams for years, often using our own fruit bottled at its best, he has gradually become an excellent pastry chef, mastering several local specialities. Malvin makes his own live unsweetened live yogurt and mascarpone, as well as chutneys and pickles. Above all, as the local bread is generally unsalted, Malvin’s salted bread is greatly appreciated: He has developed his skill in many styles of bread making including Celiac bread and pâtisserie.

Our produce

The Agriturismo or farming aspect of the house is principally derived from our saffron and olive oil production

We have about 10,000 Saffron plants and around 150 Olive trees, all planted into the mediaeval terracing on the South and West sides of the bluff the house sits on. In addition, we grow a few vegetables: Tomatoes and potatoes and a few Mediterranean vegetables (capsicum, aubergine, zucchini) onion, pumpkin, and cucumber. We enjoy freshly picked Basil [and other herbs] and keep a good amount of herbs around the villa. Fruit-wise we have a small orchard with Apricot, Apple, Cherry, Fig Peach, Pear, Plum, and Quince as well as currents and a few melons. Our fruit is picked at its absolute best and transformed into preserves, which you’ll taste at breakfast.

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