We are producing a lot of our own food since the pandemic. Already we grew Saffron, Vegetables and Olives but now we are also keeping primitive chickens and ducks (for eggs) and raise geese (for eggs and meat) at the house, all dine on fresh grass and whole seeds as we want to avoid Soya. Thus daily we dine on our own very fine eggs and bacon: Malvin has become known locally for his magnificent home cured and home smoked bacon which our Italian friends love – it’s so special. We have been making our own butter and tallow, pickling, preserving and drying our own vegetables fruits and herbs and of course we continue with our olive oil and saffron. When I say that we are producing more of our own food since the pandemic I also mean that we are buying less in.. life has become simpler and better.

Malvin makes breakfast with this same philosophy. With the exception of milk, we will offer you no processed food. Malvin bakes his own sourdough bread, makes his own butter and jams and yogurt. The star of breakfast are our incredible ‘liberty eggs’ grass fed soya free eggs provided for us by our heritage Tuscan breed birds who live in almost total liberty roaming the olive groves and wooded slopes that circle the house.

The very natural lifestyle of the birds give the most exquisite flavour to their eggs. We recommend that the best way to enjoy them is friend in Chianina Beef Tallow and served with Malvin’s home cured home smoked bacon and – perhaps – a side of roasted garden tomatoes or similar (according to what’s looking good in the garden) but they will also feature in Egg custard tarts and Chocolate Brownies thus should you not be into protein rich start to the day, you can taste them nonetheless!

Breakfast is accompanied by gourmet teas or coffee. Coffee is made on a full sized bar machine. We use a locally roasted single estate Arabica.

Breakfast will be supplied on a good sized tray, from 9am, for collection in the kitchen or delivered to your room. Thus you can dine where you choose – at the high terrace over the pool, in your room, on the South lawn.

We are still finalising the details of our Summer offer, and may well offer the possibility to order further meals to double room and suite bookings during mixed occupancy. There is certainly the possibility for groups booking The Tuscany Suite, an exclusive use of all guest areas, to organise a few meals in house during a week long stay – although normally we organise a private chef to come in to perform this task, depending upon how we eventually license it may be that we can offer this service ourselves. Certainly breakfast is included / served to all stays. 

Making Vanilla Egg Custard Tarts
Summer breakfast in the garden
Summer breakfast in the garden

Coffee Bar Breakfast

Image of seasonal fruits served for breakfast at Siena House
All our own fruit, and home made yogurt
Fresh baked pastries: Apricot Fragipanes
Image of a basket of our home grown berries and cherries
Berries from the garden

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