We live according to an ‘Ancestral’ or Real Food philosophy, sourcing locally, making everything from scratch in the kitchen and using nothing processed. (We also keep a few chickens and geese, for those wonderful grass fed eggs) Malvin makes breakfast with this same, Real Food philosophy. He’s up early baking bread and tarts every day, that he will pair with seasonal fruits and local specialities (according to what looks good at the market) We might encourage you to try a just laid egg, or just juiced grapes, apples or cucumbers, or some other very fresh, seasonal delight. Breakfast is accompanied by excellent coffee, made on a full sized bar machine: locally roasted single estate Arabica. For tea lovers we have an extensive selection of Gourmet Teas that we admit to importing from our favourite UK supplier.

Breakfast tables are dotted around the house on the lawn in the shade for fine days but you can opt to take it in your room if you prefer. For cooler or rainy days we suggest breakfast in the ex cow stalls on the ground floor instead.

Grey Skies in Early May

Making Vanilla Egg Custard Tarts
Summer breakfast in the garden
Summer breakfast in the garden

Coffee Bar Breakfast

Image of seasonal fruits served for breakfast at Siena House
All our own fruit, and home made yogurt
Fresh baked pastries: Apricot Fragipanes
Image of a basket of our home grown berries and cherries
Berries from the garden

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