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Our Produce

Stare in Italia per oltre 15 anni ci ha insegnato apprezzare l’origine e la qualità delle prime materie, anche produrli…

The agriturismo or farming aspect of the house is principally derived from our saffron and olive oil production. We have about 10,000 Saffron plants and around 150 Olive trees, planted into the South and West terraced slopes of the hill.

Siamo produttori dello Zafferano e l’Olio di Oliva da diversi anni

In addition we grown fairly large amounts of vegetables: Tomatoes and potatoes in relatively large quantities, a few mediterranean vegetables (capsicum, aubergine, zucchini) onion, pumpkin and cucumber. Fruit-wise we have a small orchard with Apricot, Apple, Cherry, Fig Peach, Pear, Plum and Quince as well as currents and melons in the orto. We grown plenty of salad and a lot of herbs. Malvin takes care of the Orto (vegetable garden).

Abbiamo un orto di un certo misura e qualche alberi di frutta

Recently we have added free ranging traditional Italian farmhouse birds who provide wonderful pasture raised eggs. All graze in liberty on our little mount, where not a drop of pesticide nor a granule or artificial fertilizer has been used for at least the last 25 years.

Nostri amati avicoli vivano all aperto e forniscano delle uove favolose! 

Our specialities

Prepariamo i le ricette con rispetto ed attenzione; sia per la tradizione che per la pianta o l’animale chi fornisce l’ingrediente.

image of the making of a Tuscan crostata or jam tart showing hands assembling the lattice in pastry on the top of the tart in the form of a cross

Over the years the family menu has become simpler, quality and skill making more of the dish than laborious processes and lengthy ingredients lists. We make almost everything we eat from scratch. Malvin began making his own bread and his interest grew from there through jam making and baking and beyond. Recently he has begun to salt cure and oak smoke high quality high welfare pancetta at the house, making English style smoked bacon. Integral to the famous English breakfast, that you can experience at the house, it is magnificent served with butter or tallow fried grass fed eggs. Making many kinds of bread and 100% home produce fruit jams for years he has gradually become an excellent pastry chef, mastering several local specialities. He makes his own live unsweetened yogurt and mascarpone as well as chutneys and pickles. Since the pandemic we have become more ‘carnivore’ as a family, and are more interested in ancestral animal foods in the family kitchen. We live in a famous beef raising area and love to cook with our own Chianina beef tallow, that we render from chianina beef fat in house. It is wonderful for roasting and frying. We grown our own potatoes and make Chianina tallow fries – they are the ideal accompaniment to a chargrilled T bone steak from our local farm, Tenuta La Fratta. In the winter we make slow cooked oxtail stews, many beef bone stocks and occasionally a saffron risotto. Year round we make Chicken Liver Parfait (wonderful with fresh bread and a good red) and grilled seasonal vegetables. In the Summer the salads are so good: you can’t beat a just picked just sliced tomato or a few slices of chargrilled zucchini or bell pepper dressed with our olive oil and herbs. Vanilla Ice Cream is another of Malvin’s favourites – and he makes it so well. He uses whole vanilla pods and only a moderate amount of sugar (so that it’s not overly sweet)  Above all, as the local bread is generally unsalted, Malvin’s salted bread is greatly appreciated, he has many styles including Celiac bread


Vi avevo fatto pensare, parlando di uova e pancetta a colazione? Tranquillo! Pane fatta in casa, le marmellate della frutta dal nostro giardino, e un caffe dalla qualita e tradizione Italiana e piu che possibile… 

With the exception of milk, we will offer you no processed food. The star of breakfast are our incredible ‘liberty eggs’ Provided for us by our birds who live a very natural lifestyle and eat a soya free diet. We recommend that the best way to enjoy them is also the simplest: fried. Served with Malvin’s home cured home smoked English style bacon and perhaps a few roasted cherry tomatoes or similar, according to what’s looking good in the garden, they make a great breakfast. If you don’t like such a protein led start to the day, Malvin’s home baking should satisfy: fresh bread or toast made on the chargrill, served with fresh ricotta and honey or home made butter and garden fruit jam and perhaps a little home made unsweetened live yogurt or seasonal fruit is a great start to the day. Breakfast is accompanied by gourmet teas and coffee made on a full sized professional bar machine. We use a locally roasted award winning single estate Arabica.

Evening Food

Cold Summer plates

Offriamo la possibilità di ordinare qualcosa tipico della zona, tra salumi e formaggi con qualcosa fresco dall’orto (con pane nostro) nelle sere

Image showing a hand arranging fine slices of ham atop slices of melon

During times of mixed occupancy/B&B stays we will be offering simple suppers from late afternoon; cold plates served with bread. Malvin has a wonderful Berkel meat slicer ideal fo fine and slow cut Prosciutto (cutting more slowly avoids heating the slices and altering the flavour). Thus plates such as Affettati Misti (cured meat selection) including local salami and capicola as well as cured beef bresaola are central to our evening food offer. We will also offer seasonal salads and chargrilled vegetables marinated in olive oil and herbs, local cheeses and chutneys and chicken liver parfait from a limited menu of a meat based dairy based and vegetable exclusive options. The idea is, much like breakfast, to supply all requirements on a large tray that you may seek out your spot either in the garden or house or your room, to enjoy your food. The expectation is that you will bring your chosen bottle of wine home from your day’s adventures, although we will hold a small supply of wine just in case you don’t.

formal dining

Quando in affitto ad un unico gruppo e possibile organizzare una cena più classica per vostro gruppo

By formal dining we mean a three course meal for your Villa Rental. For family groups booking the villa or the Tuscany Suite there is the possibility to organise a 2-3 course meal several times during a week long stay as an alternative to ordering a series of cold plates for a large table (which is a wonderful way to dine in the Summer).

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