Large Pool & Garden

Amanda is always saying that the best thing about the house is the garden. Lawns, shade, large pool in its own lawn set away from the house – there’s plenty of space for all to enjoy privacy outside.

Post – storm sunset, view of Locanda L’Amorosa (great place to eat)

We have an unusually large saltwater pool on the property secluded from the house in a sheltered, scenic spot. Shade at poolside and over the water is provided by Shade Sails that filter the U.V. light and are wind-proof, as it gets breezy up here at Poggio Al Vento as this hill is called, the meaning is Place In The Wind. Umbrellas don’t last!

Pool is set away from the house, in a sheltered spot.
The pool is set well away from the house

The walled garden is large, offering soft lawns, gentle breezes and beautiful views for guests.  With our few guests there’s never a shortage of space, tables, chairs – or a private place to be.  Find lounge chairs above the olive grove and lunch tables under the Acacia trees in a breezy shaded spot.

The best thing about the house is the garden

For those who like their breakfast in the garden, tables on the South lawn looking out to the Trequanda hills.

Early morning in May
A grey May morning

Close to the house we have dining ‘seating’ for 20. Down by the pool sunbeds, deck chairs & hammock, pool ‘seating’ for 15 people. The point is that usually you won’t find more than we only have about 8-12 people here at any one time.

Golden Tuscan afternoons can be so perfect

All Summer long guests return home in time for sunset, when the best place to be is in the garden. For new arrivals to the house golden light of late afternoon – the final hour before the sun is gone – is unmissable.  Try to get here in time to enjoy it.