The Summer Kitchen

We have a full [Double] Self Catering/kitchen facility at the house within a little converted barn. There are two entrances and two full kitchens within [2 oven 2 gas hob 2 wash up areas, 3 refrigerators, 3 work surfaces, 3 dishwashers + independent A/C] This facility is guaranteed available and included to Whole Hotel / The Tuscany Suite bookings and direct-booked 5/+ night stays. The facility can be made accessible either daily or intermittently to 1-2 rooms at the house for any period [prioritising direct bookers and long stays] with a little cooperation and planning. Due to requirement for full clean prior to a new group’s use/entry [Covid Regs]  we do require a little notice/cooperation to provide this service when the house is busy or booked by more than 2 separate groups/families

Excellent for families with young children or those following a special diet, or simply when you don’t want to dine out, this amenity would, in a normal year, be available to all guests in house to use in a casual ‘sharing’ fashion. Sadly during Covid we must limit access and impose distancing and intermittent [between use] santizing which limits freedom of use depending upon how the house is booked. If getting access to this facility is central to your requirements you absolutely must book direct/book the kitchen. If you are interested in booking a Self Catering stay instead of B&B, this is occasionally possible: last minute or during quieter times – simply get in touch!

We cannot guarantee daily access to the Summer kitchen [to all bookings] when the house is full due to covid regs.