Summer Kitchen

Cooking Facility

A pretty, independent, double-equipped modern kitchen is available to guests. The Summer Kitchen, as we call it, is set a little away from the Villa, within an ex Pig Sty.

What’s Inside:

  • 3 work surfaces
  • 2 standard sized ovens
  • 2 standard sized gas hobs
  • 2 wash basins
  • 2 dishwashers
  • 2 family-sized refrigerators
  • 4 bar stools
  • Cooking and dining equipment
  • Tea and coffee making
  • Air Conditioning

Excellent for families, those following a special diet, and those who love to shop for local ingredients and cook in, this amenity gives a real ‘at home’ feel. The Summer Kitchen is situated just a few steps from the main door of the villa, on the East corner of the garden. There will be shade from lunchtime for dining at the tables on the North lawn. The kitchen is big enough for two couples to cook simultaneously, and is fitted with two full sets of equipment, including two entire kitchens. Two Weber BBQ and an illuminated private terrace are available, away from the bedrooms, for BBQ and dining after dark.

image showing a modern kitchen in a small stable in the garden of a restored tuscan hill top villa showing white doors and surfaces bar stools in black starke lamp magnetic kniife rack and oven in the foreground sink and tap

image of a tuscan red earthenware terrace shoeing white tables benches and in the mid ground, a row of cypress trees and blue sky in the back ground in the foreground a typical tuscan style wood fence and a pot of iris photo courtesy of Alinamemet