Christmas Eve in Pienza

At Pienza, in the main square, the most fantastic bonfire is built and lit for Christmas Eve.  Already so pretty with the Christmas lights and tree, the fire ramps up the magic to palpable.  Standing around and chatting with friends in the glow of the fire was super.  So atmospheric!

image showing people standing by fire in tuscan hill town at christmasimage showing beautiful bonfire burning at christmas in pienza Image showing a large christmas tree outdoors in a town square medieval town in Tuscany Pienza Image showing the well at Pienza in the main square with four people sitting on the step at the base in the background a winter night in Pienzaimage showing bonfire and christmas tree in pienza town square Image showing the main square in Pienza with bonfire burning white stone church behind it and people chatting image showing a medieval town square pienza in Tuscany with bonfire and christmas tree


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