Something many guests find really interesting is our conservation work. We raise and train Special Species Protection Dogs; wildlife crime prevention dogs for charities and reserves that support Rhino conservation in Africa. The main job is searching, and the dry hot Summers in Tuscany are a great training ground.

Amanda and Tom acting as Rhino Rangers at the A.S.A. Hatfield House demo in 2017

Amanda collaborates with the British charity ‘Animals Saving Animals‘. We are particularly interested in the plight of the Rhino & Elephant – the most urgent ‘target’ to be stopped is the horn poacher – but many African species are critically endangered and benefit from the patrol and protection of the Special Species Protection and Anti Poaching Dogs.

On the front line: the dog-handler teams are making a difference.
Daryll Pleasants, founder of A.S.A. on the front line where he trains not only dogs but also their new handlers
Vaala (right) daughter of Tom (left) our first Anti Poaching dog now operational in Zimbabwe

Last year we starter-trained a young dog, daughter of our male  G.S.D. Tom ‘Vaala’ – who is now operational at Save Valley Conservancy in Zimbabwe.  This year we are preparing a dog to be deployed to Rhino Conservation Botswan at the Limpopo Limpadi Reserve. The dog ‘Primaa‘ is a young German Shepherd female and daughter of our female ‘Oima’. If you would like to be directly involved in the training of an anti poaching dog you can do this here at the house or very close by, in the surrounding land – assisting in the searching / tracking aspects of the dogs’ training. Even just meeting the young dogs and engaging in a little play is a healthy experience for them.

The choosing of Vaala ‘The Chosen one’ (a Swahili name) in Autumn 2016
The dogs’ work is highly successful but very dangerous. Tom showing the armour the dogs wear in the field.
‘Rangers of Ol Pejeta’ demonstration at Hatfield House – search & apprehension exercise
Stab & Bullet proof armour help keep our protectors safe !