During 2020-21 we have extensively reorganized the way we use the house and garden, bringing the property closer to its original, farming origins. We have increased our sustainable commitment, producing more of our own food, and improving the gardens and pond. We have added a small flock of truly free range heritage breed ducks and geese, and are supporting the breeding and reintroduction of a considered extinct traditional Tuscan farmhouse bird whom you will enjoy viewing in their little groups grazing in the olive groves and occasionally perching in the trees. The birds are intelligent and friendly (many have been hand reared by the children). Their incredible eggs that we serve for breakfast, being the product of an extremely natural lifestyle will bring not only wonderful flavour but a sense of wellness to your experience of breakfast.


Currently, during uncertainty around Covid 19 we are offering availability to booking with a maximum lead time of 60 days. To be invited to reserve (be informed of the release to availability of your dates-period) provide your details for us by email (group info + dates and preferred room/suite) and we will contact you with a courtesy message at the release of your dates-period. In periods of potential underbooking or overbooking will be in contact to seek confirm or cancellation from uncertain bookings.


As standard we offer arrival & check in from 4pm-10pm and departure & check out between 7am-10am. During uncertainty around Covid 19 we intend to coordinate arrivals and departures individually with you. We can discuss individual arrival and departures with you either during enquiry or close to arrival. Flexibility depends upon what is happening on the day in terms of arrivals, departures and cleaning times. 


Rooms & Suites

All cleaning during uncertainty around Covid is undertaken by the family personally. Following departure rooms are sanitised and then aired for several hours.  All bedding, bath towels, pool towels and bathrobes are all processed entirely in house with sanitising wash and high heat/steam finish + additives. All frequent touch areas – bathroom furniture & taps, light switches lamps bedside tables and power points, TV remote, windows, window sills and handles, blinds and mosquito shields, wardrobes inside and out and clothes hangars doors and door frames receive special attention; a final extra step with cleaning alcohol. Preparation time is 4-6 hours for our double rooms and 7- 14 hours for our larger suites 

Opting out of Daily room Cleaning

You can of course opt out of further/daily room cleaning. We use the traditional Tuscan quick drying ‘Nido di Ape’ Honeycomb cotton towels in our rooms and suites. This year we have added drying lines in all bathrooms so that you can manage your own bath linens during your stay, if you opt out of daily room cleaning.

Periodical 72 Hour Vacancies

In addition to our measures we are taking a periodical 72/+ hour vacant periods in all rooms

Summer Kitchen

During uncertainty around Covid 19, the kitchen must be used without sharing between groups thus is always available for the Tuscany Suite guests but may not be for the smaller double rooms depending upon the progress of the pandemic. Whether we offer meals and/or self catering for Summer 2021 is not yet decided. We will announce this once we have declared for opening


Our pool, being 98m2 (1100 square feet) is one of the largest in Tuscany and with our small occupancy there is no rotation of use required to provide required space for Covid safety in water. The pool gardens, already large have been extended to provide more space for families and couples to enjoy distance and privacy around the pool. Pool and public spaces care during Covid 19 is executed according to the legal requirements and in addition we provide gowns, spa shoes and large pool towels for pool use. Not only outside but inside you find large spaces; the interiors of this house are not the corridors of a hotel but large, high ceilinged, well ventilated open spaces The only space-restricted area is the stone stair from first to ground floor, which is fogged daily with naturally based, environmentally friendly antiviral cleaning products.


Breakfast in the time of Covid is a simpler affair than in previous years but despite this the flavours are even better: Super free range eggs and home smoked high welfare bacon, homemade yogurt, fresh baked bread, pastries and home produced preserves (fruit from our orchard) feature along with our own olive oil, saffron and produce. Gourmet teas and real Italian coffee made on a full sized bar machine.

Breakfast is served 9am-11am