Currently, during uncertainty around Covid 19 we are offering late confirmation on rooms (you can confirm as late as 72 hours from check in) and cardless booking (credit card guarantee & payment not required until it is decided to proceed) In cases of overbooking or underbooking we will be in contact to seek confirm or cancellation from uncertain bookings.


As standard we offer arrival & check in from 3pm-9pm and departure & check out between 7am-11am. During uncertainty around Covid 19 we will be in contact about arrival timings and to fill check in declarations during the 48 hours prior to arrival day. It is also possible to advance book earlier arrival and later departure during the reservation process full are visible during the booking process.


Rooms & Suites

Druing June & July 2020 all rooms have been deep cleaned and some totally redecorated. All cleaning during uncertainty around Covid is undertaken by the family personally. Following departure rooms are aired for several hours. The room is stripped – not only of sheets liners and towels: our soft furnishings are all sfoderabile (meaning that their upholstery can be removed to be washed and  santised with ease) Pillows are renewed for every stay. All bedding, bath towels, pool towels and bath robes are all processed entirely in house. These are washed with sanitising products (followed by double rinse cycle). Walls in bedrooms and bathrooms and around your room entrance are washed up to shoulder height. All frequent touch areas – bathroom furniture & taps, light switches lamps bedside tables and power points, TV remote, windows, window sills and handles, blinds and mosquito shields, wardrobes inside and out and clothes hangars receive an additional sanitising step with cleaning alcohol. Finally a HEPA filter is placed in the room to operate for 2/+ hours prior to your arrival. Preparation time is 4-6 hours for our double rooms and 7+ hours for our suites Timings are cleaning care only, ex laundry, airing and HEPA filter running time.

Guest Kitchen

During uncertainty around Covid 19, where more than one room is in occupancy (and using the guest kitchen) between every use of the Guest Kitchen we santise it fully. Guests are still required to clean up after their use but we provide a subsequent santising step. 


Pool and public spaces care during Covid 19 is executed according to the legal requirements of course but there are a few details to know that should make this property safer than standard: Pool: The pool is large, as is the pool garden; furnished with sun loungers for 10 people, lounge chairs for 6 people and a table for 2 people it still looks ’empty’ (Our maximum occupancy is 12+6) Our pool is very large for a Tuscan Villa at 100m2, so maintaning your distance in the water would not be a problem.  Shared Spaces: The interiors of the house are not the corridors of a hotel but large open spaces all furnishings are again washable, and cleaned frequently. The only space-restricted area are the two staircases within the house – washed and sanitised daily/between stays.

Breakfast in the time of Covid is a simpler affair than in previous years: fresh baked pastries, home made museli, fresh baked bread & home made preserves. Gourmet teas and real Italian coffee made on a full sized bar machine. It is also available earlier and longer than before: 8am-11am