Green Tuscany: 50 shades in Spring

Tuscany is green enough year round, but at certain times of year the green is more vibrant and has more drama. The principal crops in our part of Tuscany are Wheat, Wine, Olive Oil, Tobacco and Sunflowers, that’s what you are going to see in the fields and on terraced slopes. In steeper, wilder areas you’ll see a lot of Oak and Cypress trees with their dark bottle greens. In the Wheat Fields in the Winter the newly sprouting wheat is incredible – particularly with the lower sun and electric golden green shades that result, and this month is great for photography but can feel a little ‘bare’ for just a vacation trip perhaps.. But only a short while later, when Winter is over and Spring is under way, the trees will be bursting into leaf and petal in the green Tuscany of Springtime…. And those greens are so intense that you’ll be screeching to a halt on every journey to grab those unforgettable scenes.


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