Experience the Palio's excitement without the crowds

Your Insider’s Guide to the Palio Try-Outs in Siena

Don’t miss the morning Palio try-outs. You’ll see the horses, witness a bit of racing, and immerse yourself in the rich rituals associated with the Palio. It’s an unforgettable experience that we absolutely love!

Want to feel the thrill of the Palio, but prefer not to be confined to the crowded town square under the blazing sun? Head to the prove or try-outs in the days leading up to the famous Sienese bareback horse race. Known as the three days of Palio, these days offer great opportunities to see the horses, take photographs, and soak in the atmosphere. The entire town is adorned with flags, and residents proudly wear their contrada scarves everywhere. It’s an exciting time to visit Siena.

Despite what some might say, avoiding Siena during the days of Palio means missing out on one of Tuscany’s most legendary events. The Palio is not a tourist attraction; it’s a deeply rooted tradition for the Sienese people.

Boo to anyone who tells you to avoid the city during the days of palio!

Each of the three mornings leading up to the final race features try-outs. The mornings are less crowded than the evenings, making them perfect for photographers and families with children. You can experience the excitement of the Palio without the overwhelming crowds.

While the mornings are ideal for a more relaxed experience, the evenings are filled with additional Palio-related events, such as the contrada suppers. These communal dinners, held in the city streets, showcase the local culture and camaraderie.

If you’re staying at Siena House during the Palio, don’t miss out! Head to the city early, around 8:30 am, to secure a good spot in the main square. Siena is only a 30-minute drive from Siena House, and we can guide you to the perfect parking spot. Seats in the stands cost about 5 Euros. We recommend sitting near the commune building to enjoy the children’s choir. The horses make a few laps, but they are a stunning sight. After the try-out, head to the black and white pole, the start of the actual race, to watch the horses and the contrada members exit.

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