Honeymoon in Tuscany

In my Imaginary honeymoon, time would stand still a little.

We would be in a beautiful place – with golden light and unforgettable sunsets, where we would look and feel good.  I hate planning – so it would be good to have someone ‘just there’ to help us when we felt like exploring.

sienna house

But it would also be good for there to be few people around, so that we could feel real escape, feel like we had the place to ourselves.

Sienna House

Ideally the location would allow easy exploration – chic cities and charming hill towns to stroll, gelato here, cafe there – a little artisan shopping perhaps (need that excuse to slip on something elegant and take some snaps).  But also a chic home base, spacious, comfortable, hip and exclusive.

sienna house

Laid back home style hospitality where you can just help yourself.  Few rooms – pool often deserted – practice our Tango barefoot in the grass.

sienna house

The sort of place that feels very home, but at the same time pampering and special.

sienna house

Set up so that we need ask for nothing.  Little known, a bit of a discovery.

sienna house in tuscany

In a real, vibrant area where we’ll eat out in the evenings surrounded by Italians.  Taste wonderful food, drink world class wines…bring some home to share with our friends over dinner with tales of discovery, of a groovy retreat that’s a little hush-hush, a little hard to find, on a little hill in Tuscany.

home from home sienna

sienna house

Many of our lovely guests have come to the house as part of their honeymoon in Tuscany. If you read through some of the testimonials you will see the word honeymoon in many titles.  The house seems to work well as a honeymooner’s destination for many reasons.  The property is spacious and never feels crowded. It’s in a beautiful rural spot where you feel escape – but it’s also located well for getting into Tuscany, at the drop of a hat.  There are many visits in all directions. You can get a quick daily ‘taster’ or go for full days of exploration.

close to away from it all

Choose on a whim on the day, no need to plan.  Aren’t spontaneity, privacy, freedom and beauty essential ingredients for romance?

Siena House is a boutique hotel in Tuscany.  We don’t advertise on the big bookings sites and we welcome the type of guests who search harder to find something really special, their friends and loved ones.

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