Honeymooners returning with baby !


It’s fun being a cool, new place in Tuscany – but it’s even better being established.

In the beginning (the first year or two) cool hunting honeymooners found us.  They came, stayed, went home – and told their friends, and loved ones – who followed. Honeymoon shopping must be the most intense lifestyle aspirational shopping imaginable.  You want somewhere you know will be good, but also somewhere that feels secret, pampering.  A secret, beautiful, pampering undiscovered retreat with a good track record? that’s a tough one..

And so the honeymooners came, in our ‘invisible’ years, when we were new, unlisted (on no big sites) and only really visible on Trip Advisor (number 2 in all of Tuscany for 3 years 2010-2013) You had to work harder to find us then … you would say ”we knew what we wanted; this house. And we believed that if we searched hard enough; we would find it.  It must exist.  Here we are”.

So in the following years our pioneering cool hunting Tuscany exploring honeymooners recommended, sent their parents and loved ones for us to take care of.  And we did. And it was lovely, looking after recommended guests who always arrive with the certainty that they are in the right place, the home place, ready to explore and relax.

But what happened after was even better – our honeymooners started to come back with their babies !


And so we have evolved along with our guest profile.  We are a place to call home in Tuscany. ”Siena Home” as dubbed by one little girl this Summer…

Potential guests often ask – is it ok to come to Siena House with children?  and I answer – ”yes ! – the children that come are well travelled, used to accompanying their parents to stylish places, and so it’s never a problem either for you, us, or the other guests”.

Amazing people come to Siena House. Expect fantastic company when you come to the house, as we have come to!




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