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Make the most of your stay at Siena House with our insider knowledge and personalized advice. From scenic drives and charming villages to delightful local eateries, we help you uncover the true beauty of Tuscany. Enjoy a stress-free, enriching vacation that leaves you feeling refreshed and inspired.

Since 2004, we’ve learned the difference between touristy spots and authentic Tuscan experiences. We all want to avoid being treated ‘like a tourist’, not just to avoid overcharging. We love guiding our guests to truly authentic Tuscan experiences, both in-house and beyond. This is something we’ve become known for. One of our greatest pleasures is helping you enjoy Tuscany as we do, from what to do to where to go. For days out, there’s so much to see and do that you’ll have a hard time choosing. Take advantage of our wealth of local knowledge and tour like a true insider.

Our house is perfectly located for sightseeing, surrounded by places we love. You can experience the charm of Tuscany with only short car journeys. We encourage spontaneity—it’s romantic! Don’t plan your days too rigidly. We’re native English speakers with 13 years of local knowledge. Our recommendations are unbiased and continually refined by our own tours, blogs, and guest feedback.

Allow yourself to relax about planning and wing it a little. Take advantage of our local knowledge. Living the dolce vita, Tuscany style, is all about spontaneity.

The sweet life is a lifestyle of doing daily life really well—feeling good, looking good, eating good food, and tasting good wine. It’s about making beautiful journeys, strolling through perfect little villages, and taking your time once you get there. Moments or hours spent doing nothing together in beautiful locations make daily life in Tuscany feel so good. A few days living the dolce vita in Tuscany recharges, relaxes, and feeds the spirit.

Couple enjoying prosecco outside.
Living the dolce vita Tuscany style is all about spontaneity.

Many recommended visits in Southern Tuscany are within easy reach of Siena House. There’s so much close by that you can decide where to go on a whim. Many guests arrive with extensive lists of things they feel they should do in Tuscany, often planning their days down to the last hour. However, there’s no need for such precise, advance planning, no matter how short your stay. Often, guests arrive with detailed plans only to unwind and start canceling other arrangements. The biggest regret cited by guests at check-out? Not having spent enough time at the house!

It’s easy to be out all day in the local areas. Flexibility is essential to relaxation and enjoyment. Make the most of having the pool to yourselves in the morning and go exploring in the afternoon or evening. Once out, be open to going with the flow. Short journeys can become longer as you stop to capture the beauty of the landscape. Quick stops in medieval villages can turn into picturesque strolls of sweet discovery. Tuscany can be so romantic! Plan time to live the good life, whether it’s an afternoon nap, lazing in the shade, taking a long lunch in a gorgeous location, or watching the sunset over the olive trees before heading out to dinner.

Town of Montisi, Tuscany, Italy. 2015.
Authentic Tuscany on your doorstep.

Few activities need advance planning: cooking classes, balloon flights, and chauffeurs. Ironically, guests with the most intense schedules are often those with the shortest stays, eager to see as much of Tuscany as possible. We’re always happy to help you prioritize, but we caution, “Tuscany is not about rushing around!” It’s very hard to rush in Tuscany, but it’s irresistible to linger. Even short trips to nearby villages will take longer than you imagine. Exploring hill towns is to be savored, not rushed, and it’s quite affordable. The price for a glorious day’s exploration in our part of Tuscany is simply the cost of renting a car.

View of the Tuscan fields and valleys.
This road is not on any bus route…

We’ve been here for a while now—20 years, in fact! One of the most frequently cited reasons to choose a boutique, owner-run hotel is access to unbiased local knowledge. We’ll tell you where to eat because it’s good in terms of both food and price. We’re always happy to share the places and experiences we love, the ones that represent our Tuscany to us.

We provide house guests with our own guide to the local area and things to do upon arrival. While working out priorities on a shorter stay often requires our help, many guests are able to be independent from the moment they arrive with our pre-programmed GPS. Others prefer to talk with us daily about what to do—anything goes.

A word of caution: don’t plan too much. We frequently hear, “We should have spent more time here“. Relax about planning—we’ll help you once you’re with us. Unless you’re planning a balloon flight, cooking class, or need a chauffeur, you can be spontaneous. It’s more fun that way!