Need To Know

TRANSPORT: You will need a car to consider a stay at this location. We have on-site parking. Read Amanda’s article to understand why you will need a car in Tuscany.
RECEPTION: The house is closed between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM daily. Non-standard arrival timings are subject to availability, and must be requested 24-48 hrs in advance. We are sorry, but Late Departure from the property/room is not available.
FOOD: We offer the opportunity to cook/prepare your own food, on all whole days of your stay. It’s so easy to rustle up a gourmet Summer meal in our area, with the correct equipment, and impossible to resist the local specialities offered in the hill towns. We have a double-equipped modern garden kitchen and 2 BBQs exclusively for our guests.
LOCAL RESTAURANTS: We are well served for eating out, with several excellent restaurants close by—including a historic steak house, at our neighbour’s organic ranch, one mile away. There are good places to enjoy local specialities within a few minutes’ drive in all directions: Read about our local favourites at our Local Restaurants page. Weekend nights must be booked in advance. We are happy to reserve for you, email us.
PLEASE NOTE: Nothing, including supermarkets, is accessible on foot!
THE FARM: This property is essentially a luxury homestead or ‘Podere’ and we continue the tradition of keeping some livestock and living, as far as possible, off the land. We have a flock of free ranging Italian heritage breed birds: Ducks, Geese and Bantam [small] chickens, who provide wonderful pastured eggs for your breakfast. The birds are hand reared by us and used to people—they will ignore you and go about their business. The larger birds are excluded from the areas you will use, including the pool gardens, but the little Bantams can fly and cannot be wholly contained. We do have roosters in the flock who will crow at sunrise, more softly than a standard-sized chicken. We love the sensation of being made aware of the dawn, and deciding to sleep in! In addition, we produce Saffron and Olive oil and have a kitchen garden planted with the classics of the Mediterranean, featuring seasonally at breakfast.
BREAKFAST: Our breakfast is served late, from 9-10:00 AM, and features our pastured eggs, home cured and smoked English style bacon and other house specialities including home baked bread, homemade yogurt and homemade preserves, tea, or coffee. Coffee is 100% single estate Arabica roasted locally and prepared on a full sized bar machine.