Need To Know

DEFINITELY NOT A HOTEL. Perhaps the biggest difference to a hotel is that we cannot accept spontaneous [early] arrivals: We must expect you, and be ready to welcome you, to accept you on-site. Contact us at least 24–48 hours in advance, to request earlier than standard / booked arrival time. About late arrival [later than 9:00 PM] This is never a problem if we are aware in advance: Leave a message in the comments box when reserving, or contact us prior to making your reservation.
TRANSPORT: You will need a car to reach us, and to consider a stay at this location. Read Why You Need a Car To Enjoy Rural Tuscany
LOCATION: Our very carefully chosen location is an ideal launch pad from which to discover Southern Tuscany. Read Where to Base Yourself in Tuscany as well as an idyllic home base for lazy poolside days. A typical stay is around five nights long.
FOOD: We offer the opportunity to prepare your own food and drinks whilst you are with us [from 5PM on arrival day] It’s so easy to rustle up a gourmet meal in this area, with virtually no actual cooking, and impossible to resist the local specialities [cheeses, cured meats, wines…] offered in the hill towns. We have a double-equipped independent modern kitchen, set in the garden, exclusively for guests.
LOCAL RESTAURANTS: We are well served for eating out, with several excellent restaurants close by—including a historic steak house, at our neighbour’s organic ranch, one mile away. There are good places to enjoy local specialities within a few minutes’ drive in all directions: Read about our local favourites at our Local Restaurants page. Weekend nights must be booked in advance. We are happy to reserve for you, email us.
PLEASE NOTE: Nothing, including supermarkets, is accessible on foot!

BREAKFAST: Breakfast varies with the seasons and is 100% made from scratch. Our wonderful pastured duck and chicken eggs feature for most of the year. Home baked pâtisserie, fresh from the oven, fresh cut local seasonal fruit and Malvin’s 100% homemade yogurt, bread, butter, and preserves are available year round. Breakfast is served from 9:00 AM.

THE FARM: This property is essentially a luxury homestead or ‘Podere’ and we continue the tradition of keeping some heritage breed livestock: We raise a rare breed of bantam, once typical residents of the Tuscan farmhouses until disappearing in the 1950s – the Muggelese. We also have mute [silent] ducks and tow trios of Romagnolo Geese. As an Agriturismo [or farm stay], our crops are Saffron and Olive Oil.