Osteria ‘Sette di Vino’, Pienza

Find the Osteria Sette di Vino  (google maps link) on the little Piazza behind the Post Office Bar and the Palazzo Communale in Pienza. We headed there for lunch of a grey Sunday in January. We’d heard that it was good but had never been there! The Oste (host) was super (there he is in the images below), the food served was certainly fiercely Tuscan but a little different to the ‘norm’ for a traditional place; which felt refreshing.  We ordered a lot of small plates to (the style there) but skipped on the soup; which I regretted…must go back for that…

The place was busy, the prices were right and the food was very good.  The setting was certainly charming.

Why the name? What does it mean? 

Sette di Vino means Seven of Wine, literally, but of course there’s more to it than that.

It’s a good story; book a table and ask the Oste!

Distance from Siena House – 25 minutes. 


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DSC_4362 DSC_4365





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