Our Ensuite Double Rooms

Our ensuite double rooms are all corner rooms with large windows, super views and gorgeous bathrooms. All are equipped for absolute comfort, including A/C, underfloor heating, Netflix, high speed WiFi, full blackout and Mosquito shields. Use of our fully equipped, modern guest kitchen is included in the rate.

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    A breezy, independent, sunset aspect double ensuite on the ground floor of the house with Arches! Arches! Arches! Once the nursery where the Chianina (White Tuscan Oxon) were born back in the house’s heyday, the room is two steps up from the South West tip of the garden. Somewhat ‘away’ from the activity of the main house this room feels cosy and private.

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    A light and airy double, within the Villa, on the sunrise corner with Queen size bed, walk in wardrobe and large bathroom, totalling 272 square feet. Great for couples on a long stay, ladies who love their bathing comforts and anyone who wants to watch the sunrise – without getting out of bed!

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    Lucky bed, set alight by the day's last sunbeams! Siena is probably our most romantic room. Within the Villa, Ideal for a couple on a longer stay, this a large sunset aspect corner room of 350 square feet (105 m2) with King size bed, brush painted lime powder walls, whitewashed beamed ceilings, white stone flooring and private bathroom built in natural raw materials.

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    Spectacular whatever the weather, Cortona is a 517 square foot (157 m2) double room, on the first floor, within the Villa. King size bed, large bathtub, 50 inch flat screen TV, atmospheric lighting, large lounge zone and long views.

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