Our suites are true suites – two or more bedrooms with private bathroom(s). ‘Montepulciano’ is a 2 bedroom suite, ‘Chianti’ is actually 2 ensuite rooms (Cortona + Pienza) and The Tuscany Suite is all rooms on the first floor (Cortona, Pienza, Siena, Montepulciano) Breakfast, Concierge & Cooking Priviledges (full kitchen) included in the rates. Bracketed occupancy = children aged 0-11 yrs.

Need space for 2-3 people?

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    • Image of a Tuscan rolling hills view misty in February taken from a window you can see the sill in the foreground out of focus with two rubber luxury ducks sitting on it

    The Montepulciano Suite

    520 square feet (158 m2) with super views, The Montepulciano Suite is a twin double bed family suite for up to 3 adults + 1-2 children perfect for a young family of 4. Two bedrooms and one large bathroom with […]

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    The Chianti Suite

    A huge space: 1100 square feet (335 m2),The Chianti Suite is 2 double bedrooms (King + Queen beds, actually Cortona + Pienza rooms), 2 large, full bathrooms & walk through wardrobe. Travelling with Grandma? Have children over 11 years old? […]

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    The Tuscany Suite

    Half of the Villa’s volume  – 3250 square feet (300m2) – The Tuscany Suite is the entire first floor and tower. Perfect for your friends and family get-together or celebration in Tuscany. Breakfast is included in the rate and of […]

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