Our suites are true suites – two or more rooms with private bathroom(s).

Bracketed occupancy = children aged 0-11 yrs.

*We are updating photography at the moment*

Need space for 2-3 people?

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    • Image of a Tuscan rolling hills view misty in February taken from a window you can see the sill in the foreground out of focus with two rubber luxury ducks sitting on it

    The Montepulciano Suite

    *New images coming soon* 520 square feet (158 m2) with super views, The Montepulciano Suite is a two room suite for up to 4 adults + 2 children and perfect for a young family. Master bedroom with Queen sized bed […]

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    The Tuscany Suite

    Perfect for your friends and family get-together or celebration in Tuscany the Tuscany Suite is the best way to book accommodation for 4-5 couples (10-12 adults + up to 6 children aged 0-11 years at departure). Who books it? The […]

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