Where to stay between Siena and Florence?

Hello Siena House, I wonder if you might be able to help us, myself and my wife are escorting our parents from Australia on a small trip between Siena and Florence, and whilst they predetermined to stay in or near the cities we showed them your website and they loved it. Unfortunately we will have to wait until they are over for longer to come and stay with you, we just wondered if there was absolutely anywhere between Siena and Florence that might be a little like your place. 

A big house in a commanding position with art gallery interiors: Siena House
image showing a white interior with black and white furnishing and architectural details such as long low wall room divider and glass open staircase and ceramic sculpture and mid century modern lighting
A large house but a small boutique hotel, housing a curated collection of art & design within

Dear Visitor to Tuscany, thank you for your message – I do have a suggestion for you. Siena House is better described as being between Rome and Florence; thus you’re correct that we’re not the best hotel to stay at to focus time between Siena and Florence.  Right here in our location we’re optimally positioned for exploring what Rick Steves refers to as the ‘Heart of Tuscany’ instead. As for places like us between Siena and Florence there are a few details that define us beyond just the look: our 100% positive guest reviews added alongside our very personal service and concierge and artistic interior point to me aligning us somewhat with  Locanda dell’Artista  in San Gimignano.

Image showing a boutique between siena and florence the hotel pool with 7 sunbeds each with colourful towel laid on there are three sunshades in white and a table for 6 people to dine at right behind the pool is the brick wall of a house
Locanda dell’Artista has a beautiful pool with views
Image showing a tuscan boutique hotel between siena and florence at dusk with roses in bloom in the foreground the ground is covered in gravel and there are 4 lemon trees in large pots at the entrance to the house the front door of the house and windows are painted in pastel baby blue
Locanda dell’Artista, the entrance at dusk

Locanda dell’artista is an accommodation that I can recommend to you without reserve. We have met Baker and Christian (owners) who came to visit the house during the winter they were working on ‘Al 43’, super restaurant. They are clearly dedicated to excellence and they would take great care of your experience in Tuscany.  Locanda dell’Artista is a super location for travellers wishing to explore between Siena and Florence as either are well within their remit. San Gimignano where you will find Locanda dell’Artista is a good base if you don’t desire to stay within either city and a beautiful medieval centre to explore. See images of San Gimignano city centre in our San Gimignano Photostory

Image showing two towers in the city centre of the town of San gimignano, between siena and florence in Tuscany the two towers are high square constructions in honey coloured stone blocks with small windows between them another building apparently a habitation with curtains at the windows
San Gimignano ‘Manhattan in Tuscany’

Driving in to Florence can be a little tricky – not in terms of distance but more around parking driving correctly right in the centre so it would be wise to plan where you are going to park in advance.  The Station is a good choice, but there are a few other suggestions here at our Parking in Florence post. As a matter of personal taste and experience I would suggest considering a stay within the city (no car, get out on foot) as an alternative.  To really get a feel for Florence nothing beats overnighting right there. Nice spots for a stay in Florence seem to be JK PLACE, CASA HOWARD, RIVA LOFTS, according to comment from guests coming to us from Florence.  Depending upon what time of year you are planning a visit, you might consider staying in the hills around Florence and travelling in by taxi as the city can be stifling in the Summer, suffering from an inversion much like LA. Fiesole is also a lovely spot, not too far away – maybe consider Hotel Villa Fiesole If do stay in Fiesole be sure to visit the private art collection of Richard Freemantle at FFAST museum at Villa Peyron where Amanda has a large painting on permanent display.

image showing traditional ornate italian gardens at villa peyron in fiesole historic villa housing a private art collection by american art critic richard freemantle including work by amanda helen atkins overlooking the city of firenze
Villa Peyron gardens, picture by Saverio Lastrucci
Image of a boutique hotel interior in Tuscany showing original contemporary art by amanda helen atkins on the walls and white decoration with designer furnishing in a modern funky style
Montepulciano suite at Siena House. Sleep with art

Siena House is a boutique hotel in Tuscany. The property was restored by a Wall Street trader and a British Artist – and we’re here year round. We write and photograph about the places we love and provide Tuscany Journalism in English Language for events covering as Tuscany Reportage.

Tuscany Reportage e una coppia Inglese chi promuove la Toscana in forma di Tuscany Reportage blogging e fotografia con scrittura nella loro madrelingua Inglese.  Siamo qui anche in Inverno, Contattaci per appuntamenti !

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