Florence Airport: great for car rental collection.

If you are visiting Florence and then continuing into the countryside or to any destination requiring a car, we recommend Florence Airport as the best spot for rental car collection. Nervous about driving in Florence centre? don’t blame you – we don’t relish it and we’ve lived in Tuscany for 13 years ! We suggest booking a car at the Florence Airport.

Why? It’s out of town, close to the motorway and makes a great alternative to the city centre.

It’s notoriously difficult and busy driving in Florence, even for the Italians.  You’re on holiday, you may be about to drive a ‘stick shift’ for the first time; or you may be about to drive on the other side of the road for the first time… And then there’s all the potential Z.T.L fines you can pick up on your way out of the city…

Leave driving in Florence to the Florentines ! Taxi to the airport, collect your car there.

Also for drop off you can’t beat Florence airport as a low stress alternative to trying to navigate your way through the traffic, delays, and Z.T.L. Zona Traffico Limitato – Limited Traffic Areas (for locals only) in Florence. Taxi to the centre of Florence should come in at around 20-25* Euro depending on time of travel and luggage amounts.

Once you arrive at the relatively small Florence airport, there’s a shuttle bus (free) to take you to where the rental cars/offices are if you’re dropping off or collecting a car – and always plenty of taxis right there waiting to drop you in the centre if you’re on your way in to the city.

Need another reason to opt for the airport ? Collection is possible on Sundays, too.

From Florence Airport to Siena House is a journey of just over an hour depending on traffic and weather conditions.

*Taxi fare price checked at time of writing.  The fare is ‘regulated’ so you should not find variations… in theory although it’s worth checking the regular rate before departing to avoid being overcharged.



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