About this summer

This year we are releasing availability late – close to arrival for most stays. Booking is not yet ‘open’ for July, August and September. When we start to offer peak Summer dates we will first offer whole weeks (see below).

We have not increased our rates subsequent to Covid 

Room details and (2019) rates are showing at the Rooms & Suites page.

Contact us at if you are interested in organising a stay. Provide your ideal dates with total number of adults and children, with children’s ages. We will help you to decide which room/suites to consider, subsequently getting in touch when booking is open for your dates.

We expect to offer availability/confirm as follows*:

  • Villa Type bookings (Tuscany Suite) approx 30-60 days from arrival
  • Week Long Family Suite/4 pax Bookings approx 15-30 days from arrival
  • Double Rooms and short stays about 7-14 days from arrival
  • Single nights will be offered with 0-10 days from arrival

Alternatively, where we have a series of enquiries that work together in terms of arrival and departure timings, we may offer to confirm those stays earlier. 

*For some bookings / stay types and points of origin we may require proof of travel arrangements (flight bookings) prior to providing confirm