Travelling to Siena House from Florence

Dear Siena House, We will be travelling to Siena House from Florence.  What is the best way to travel to you? should we use train, bus, car ? Once we are with you will we need a car? We are interested in touring a little in Chianti, maybe I could get your opinion on that, too? We’ve never been to Tuscany before and we are interested in a some help with planning what to do and see to get the best of our time with you! 
Dear Traveller to Tuscany,
How to get to the house and what to do / see depends very much on your method of transport…
April is a great time for touring – touring in the sense of seeing the landscape at your own pace.  You can easily combine wineries with ‘the scenery’ as it were – and stop ‘here and there’ in lovely hill top villages: this is really what Tuscany is about in the Spring.  You can get a sense of it here SUGGESTED ONE DAY ITINERARY alternatively as Malvin already mentioned do 2-3 town visits on your full day (Cortona, Montepulciano, Pienza, Montalcino) seeing Chianti region, Siena or Arezzo on arrival day en route here and then on departure day see what works for your schedule depending upon your next stop or what you ‘missed’.
As for TOURING CHIANTI (‘Classico’ the wine zone) whether it’s time efficient to do it from this location – I am not sure.  It’s probably wisest to explore en route from Florence the true cental ‘wild’ parts of Chianti including Radda, Gaiole, Castellina. Our close part of Chianti (Chianti Colle Senese wine zone) starts very close to the house and there’s a really super winery at about 20 mins away, mentioned in the post. From our close part of Chianti you can also see the CRETE SENESI  comfortably. For your time with us in April overall I would say only a car is going to allow you to experience what is here.  The activities are not costly: far from it; the big deal about this area is travelling at your own speed from place to place.. renting a car is best! Take a moment to read the text on this page maybe to get the full feel for it:At the bottom of this page begins our guides to ‘places we love’ – towns and cities in Tuscany that we consider ‘unmissable’ there’s a lot to add still, it’s a work in progress…
As you are COMING TO SIENA HOUSE FROM FLORENCE you have two or more options: Rental from the city centre (not for the feint hearted) would not appeal to me! but for the price of a cab fare to the airport (about 20-30 E) the experience is much simpler and you don’t need to cross the city to get to the motorway.  The airport is very close to the motorway on our side of town.  Airport rental locations are great as they are generally open all days whereas other locations can be closed on Sundays.  Rental collection in Florence area gives the possibility to stop en route in Chianti Classico area for wineries / exploring and/or for shopping: The Mall Or Prada Factory Outlet   A stop off at Arezzo city centre  is also possible en route from Florence – it’s the stop after the Prada outlet en route to us.  Equally you could drive to Siena Historic Centre (Sienna) for a stop, cross country from Chianti areas would be best.
Alternatively you could consider train to Siena historic centre (which is 40 minutes from here) and RENTAL CAR COLLECTION IN DOWNTOWN SIENA (SIENNA) The station is not right in the centre of the city but requires taxi or bus, google maps says it takes 25 minutes to walk. Explore the city for an hour or two, then get the car – or collect car at the station and drive to the Parcheggio Il Campo (very central car park, short walk to central streets and good rates) if you have a lot of luggage parking near the entrances/ exits is wise as there are manned cameras in those areas) RENTAL CAR LOCATIONS SIENA STATION
JOURNEY FROM SIENA TO SIENA HOUSE (starting at ‘Il campo’ parking lot)
Alternatively go by train from Florence to AREZZO – a good choice for car collection if you are coming from Florence centre.  Take the train to Arezzo, car rental spots are very close to the station.  Arezzo to Siena House is not a difficult journey, it’s much simpler to negotiate city centre driving in Arezzo than Florence! …  CAR RENTAL SPOTS AT AREZZO
JOURNEY FROM AREZZO TO SIENA HOUSE if you are returning to Florence from us Arezzo is a great choice but even if you are heading to other places as Arezzo is a significant city with fast links 
Hopefully that’s helpful… see you in a few days !
Siena House is a boutique hotel in Tuscany writing about Tuscany

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