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  • Best rates, rooms, and policies are available here, at this site.
  • All bookings can be cancelled free of charge for 24-48 hours after booking.
  • A cancellation link is provided for you to independently delete a reservation.

Deposit & Cancellation

[Deposit Policy] A minimum 30% deposit, charged as advance-paid nights, is required to reserve. 

[Balance Payment] The entire booking must be paid by 30 days prior to arrival date.

[Refund Policy] 100% refund until 60 days prior to arrival if cancelling the entire stay.

[Resale-Refund Policy] In case of cancellation between 60 and 14 days to arrival and in case of partial cancellation, cancelled nights are returned to availability. Cancelled paid nights are refunded according to resale only. Cancelled paid nights are refunded up to 100% price paid per night, according to resale.

[Cancellation Policy] 100% refund for cancellation of the entire stay, if notified 60 days prior to arrival. For partial cancellation and cancellation notified between 60 and 14 days prior to arrival, cancelled paid nights will be returned to availability and refunded [up to 100% price paid per night] according to resale. For cancellations received later than 14 days prior to arrival date by 6:00 p.m. local time [Rome] the entire booking will be charged and becomes Non-Refundable for all bookings.

Early booking, villa and group rates may incur different deposit, balance payment and cancellation policies, we will advise before making any charges.