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  • Best rates, rooms, and policies are available here, at this site.
  • Sunday arrival/departure is only available to longer stays.
  • Free cancellation for 24 hrs after booking for advance bookings.
  • A cancellation link is provided for you to put nights back into sale.

Payment & Cancellation

[Deposit Policy] A minimum/default deposit, charged as advance-paid nights, is required to reserve. Consult your individual policy.

[Balance Payment] The entire booking must be paid at booking or by 30/60/90 days prior to arrival date, according to rate-policy choice. Consult your individual policy. For very early booking [180/+ days in advance] the entire amount must be paid at the time of reservation.

[Refund Policy] 100% Refund is available until balance payment timings. Consult your individual policy.

[Resale-Refund / Exemption Policy] In case of cancellation of full paid/already non-refundable reservations, partial cancellation and cancellation of single nights stays, refund is based solely upon resale. Resale is available until 1-2 weeks ahead of arrival. Refer to individual policy for full details.

Early booking, villa and group rates may incur different deposit, balance payment and cancellation policies, we will advise before making any charges.