Too Many Tomatoes: A Bountiful Harvest

The Kitchen Garden has been prolific, to say the least, this year. We’ve already harvested tomatoes twice for bottling and there’s probably a third batch still to go, along with Patrice’s Green Tomato Jam! Fully exposed to the intense Tuscan summer sun, harvesting is hot work, but it yields a lot of glorious produce.

Out of the Kitchen Garden and into the house, and the place was truly overrun with tomatoes—it was a special feeling! Italian tomatoes are always great, of course, but when they’re just picked from your own garden, untreated (100% natural), at their peak of ripeness, and still warm from the sun, they’re surely at their absolute best.

My dad would love them! But really, who wouldn’t?

This year, there are so many tomatoes that it seems the house guests aren’t even making a dent in the crop. It’s a glut, and there’s no mistaking it. Malvin decides it’s time to intervene; he never does anything by half measures.

After ten hours of washing, chopping, bringing to the boil, and bottling (it’s a labor of love), we end up with a good supply of bottled sunshine—about 60 liters. And, of course, a classic Italian tomato dish for lunch.

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